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President Putin speaks out about the situation in Russia

Speaking before Russia’s top prosecutors, President Putin accused the West of influencing Ukraine to plan attacks on Russian journalists – an allegation denied by Ukraine.

The Kremlin boss said that Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) on April 25 prevented a plot to assassinate Russian journalist Vladimir Solovyev by “a terrorist group”. “They (the West) have turned to terrorism … to prepare to kill our journalists,” – President Putin affirmed.

FSB director Alexander Bortnikov said a group of six Russian nationals of neo-nationalism planned to kill Solovyev, one of the most famous journalists in Russia, at the behest of the State Security Service. Ukraine (SBU).

The SBU has denied the allegations, while Solovyev, a frequent critic of Kiev and a supporter of Moscow’s military campaign in Ukraine.

President Putin spoke about the situation in Russia - Photo 1.

Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the West of trying to destroy Russia. Photo: Reuters

According to the radio RTPresident Putin affirmed that the West had realized that Ukraine could not defeat Russia in armed conflict, so it turned to a new plan: To divide Russian society and destroy Russia from within. However, the Kremlin boss emphasized that this plan had failed.

President Putin added that social networks and foreign media organizations have been used by Western spies as tools against the Russian armed forces. Putin asked prosecutors to react quickly to the issue of “fake news”, but did not elaborate further.

Also on April 25, President Putin announced that Russia’s economy was stable after being affected by an unprecedented wave of Western sanctions.

“Inflation has slowed down, the weekly rate of price increase has come close to normal, and the prices of some goods have begun to fall” – President Putin affirmed, adding that this comes from two factors, including the value of the Russian ruble “strengthening in a positive direction” and “consumer demand”.

President Putin speaks out about the situation in Russia - Photo 2.

President Vladimir Putin affirmed that Russia’s economy is now stable. Photo: Reuters

President Biden Nominates US Ambassador to Ukraine

The White House on April 25 announced that President Joe Biden had nominated Bridget Brink, who is currently the US Ambassador to Slovakia, to serve as the new US Ambassador to Ukraine.

The position has been vacant since 2019 and President Biden’s nomination needs Senate approval.

The White House did not provide information on when to reopen the US Embassy in Kiev, which was closed before the Russia-Ukraine conflict broke out on February 24.


Mrs. Bridget Brink. Photo: US Embassy in Azerbaijan

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