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Revealed STAR MU “messed up” the dressing room: Not Ronaldo – Maguire

Manchester United is said to be very confused with the “catastrophe” of the dressing room. The latest revelations have gradually pointed to a few names that deliberately messed up within this team.


According to news expert Fabrizio Romano, the dressing room MU is really very disordered, but the trio “Harry Maguire, Luke Shaw and Bruno Fernandes are 100% not the players who cause conflicts in the dressing room”. Previously, former player Paul Scholes revealed to the British press that MU is really in crisis with “a disaster dressing room”.

Revealing STAR MU & # 34; messing up & # 34;  dressing room: Not Ronaldo - Maguire - 1

Lingard suddenly revealed the situation of the MU dressing room for senior Paul Scholes

Paul Scholes’ statement comes from his private conversation with midfielder Jesse Lingard. Accordingly, Lingard shared about MU’s internal situation for his compatriot. It is known that the dressing room of the “Red Devils” is divided into factions and the conflict has been pushed to the climax.

Meanwhile, the voice of coach Ralf Rangnick is almost harmless. The British press confirmed that the German strategist will leave the coaching chair and only hold an advisory role after the season ends is the reason why his voice has no weight in the MU dressing room.

Notably, when commenting on the MU dressing room, Scholes also responded to some comments MU fans and he also denied that superstar Cristiano Ronaldo was involved in the war in the dressing room. CR7 is said to be quite quiet during the period when MU was in crisis and the recent family event made this striker no longer have much mind to cause controversy.

Revealing STAR MU & # 34; messing up & # 34;  dressing room: Not Ronaldo - Maguire - 3

New coach Ten Hag faces many internal problems even though he hasn’t taken over the team yet

Some comments, if excluding stars like Harry Maguire, Luke Shaw, Bruno Fernandes and Cristiano Ronaldo, MU is left with only a group of a number of longtime stars who are having opposing ideas. There are Marcus Rashford, Paul Pogba, Eric Bailly or even Jesse Lingard.

“There are a lot of problems in the MU dressing room, it’s true. Some players mess up by not performing at their best, not focusing on the club and only thinking about their own future,” Fabrizio said. Romano revealed more. Obviously, these are details that indicate that MU and specifically the new coach Eric Ten Hag need to create an “iron fist” campaign to be able to get rid of the stars who no longer want to dedicate themselves to the team. .

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