Revealing the super new rookie lineup of LG OLED TV series

Not entirely associated with the image of “luxury devices”, with a series of products introduced in the near future, LG offers many OLED TV choices for Vietnamese users.

The Covid-19 pandemic has contributed to the strong development of digital technology, online entertainment and television. In fact, each family has a unique need, the device they choose is also considered under many factors such as: image quality, design, connection convenience, cost, etc. As one of the leading brands in high-quality OLED screen technology, LG also promises to launch many entertainment imaging devices this year. Notably, LG has officially started the pre-order program in Vietnam for the new 2022 OLED TV series.

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LG OLED TV with cutting-edge picture technology and sophisticated design has confirmed its position when it was recognized for 10 consecutive years with the CES innovation award.

In the “scaling” of the OLED rookies, the first thing to mention is OLED A2. Carrying the slogan “OLED for every home”, the product is introduced at a more ideal price than other OLED products, but still possesses top-notch display quality, providing a complete entertainment experience. different. Specifically, OLED A2 uses the 5th Generation α7 AI Processor that enhances the foreground and background to maximize depth of field, realistic and outstanding image quality; Combined with Dynamic Tone Mapping, it detects what’s in the frame and applies an optimal tone curve, delivering natural HDR color gamut, deep contrast, and fine detail.

OLED A2 at the same time possesses vivid sound quality thanks to the combination of 2-channel audio into virtual 5.1.2 channel audio, helping users easily step into their own entertainment space. And if we talk about the attraction of OLED TV lines, it is impossible to ignore the characteristic delicate design. OLED A2 with thin design lines that seem to sink into the wall becomes a beautiful, seamless painting with space, which will surely become a new pride of anyone who owns it. In addition, the floor stand and Gallery stand give users the freedom to place the TV anywhere they want.

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LG OLED A2 is the most ideal mid-range product of LG’s OLED TV product line, suitable for the majority of Vietnamese consumers.

Another image masterpiece from LG is the OLED C2. The product is enhanced with brightness up to 20% higher thanks to a fine-tuning technique using the 5th generation α9 AI processor, integrated with Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro to present images more deeply, allowing users to enjoy each shot was more brilliant than they had ever experienced before. Not only upgrading the frame, Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro technique is performed on 5000 blocks to have vivid HDR in every image detail.

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Notably, this year, LG will launch 42-inch OLED C2 – the smallest OLED screen to satisfy the passion of gamers.

Next is the OLED G2 (Gallery Design) which is known as the high-end imaging device of the OLED series. The product is enhanced with maximum brightness, the best in the current LG OLED series. This version is equipped with an OLED evo panel for the ability to increase screen brightness higher than previous generation smart TVs, specifically Brightness Booster Max brings the fine-tuning technique using the 5th generation α9 AI processor to a new level. new heights, up to 30% higher brightness; integrated Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro helps each image detail come to life. The new G2 series also receives a number of aesthetic improvements, with thinner bezels, thinner profile, and significantly reduced weight. In addition, the device uses the TV’s built-in speakers to create 7.1.2 virtual surround sound, allowing users to immerse themselves in a cinema-quality home cinema space.

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OLED G2 is a name that overwhelmed the world technology world when it appeared with a 92-inch appearance.

After winning convincing aesthetic awards from one of the three most prestigious design playgrounds in the world, the Red Dot Design Award, recently, 2 LG OLED evo Gallery Edition products (G2, 77inch series) and LG OLED evo (C2, 65-inch series) were simultaneously honored at the iF Design Awards – the most prestigious international award system honoring excellent products based on the following criteria: Design, creativity , function, structure, etc.

LG’s OLED TVs all support two high-quality picture and sound standards, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, allowing users to watch videos on built-in apps with perfect picture and sound quality without sacrificing quality. no need for an external streamer. By launching a wide range of OLED TVs in different sizes and prices, it can be seen that LG is continuing to strengthen its position as a leading manufacturer of imaging equipment. This is also considered an opportunity for modern users to easily access the most advanced TV technology on the market today at more ideal prices. For more information on OLED TV lines and pre-order programs with attractive offers at LINK.

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