“RNG will easily shut down T1”

In the past week, the tournament LPL Spring 2022 also ended with the victory going to Royal Never Give Up after beating Top Esports 3-1. With this victory, “Royal Legion” will represent the LPL to attend MSI 2022. And RNG’s goal is certainly none other than defending the championship won last season.

Saint Doinb again turned on confidence mode, firmly affirming: RNG will easily shut down T1 - Photo 1.

RNG is the champion of LPL Spring 2022

But the task of RNG this time will be extremely difficult. Because, their biggest rival from the LCK “great rival” is T1 – The team owns the undefeated record of the whole LoL village. And sure, Faker and teammates are also very hungry for the championship after many empty-handed seasons in the international arena. The last time Faker had an international title, was at MSI 2017 after defeating G2 Esports himself in the final.

Saint Doinb turned on confidence mode again, firmly affirming: RNG will easily shut down T1 - Photo 2.

RNG’s mission is to deconstruct the undefeated T1 team and defend the MSI championship

RNG is not a weak team at all, but can even be considered a “true destiny” in the current LPL. And the confrontation between Xiaohu and Faker will probably decide the outcome of this matchup, if RNG can face T1.

But while many opinions still rate the two teams as quite balanced, on his stream channel, “holy judge” Doinb rated RNG higher than his compatriot Korean team. Specifically, LNG Esports Mid Lane firmly affirms: “I’ve seen a lot of people overestimate T1. But RNG is strong. RNG is especially strong in Spring. In Spring, they’re gods. I believe RNG will easily beat T1.”

Doinb is confident about RNG’s ability to win against T1

Doinb’s confidence is also well-founded as RNG usually performs very well in Spring. They are the only team among the teams participating in MSI 2022 to have the same number of tournament championships as T1. And if one day Xiaohu or GALA – Ming goes to the field, then “Royal Army” is quite possibly the team that will decipher the “lonely defeating” T1 in the Spring of this year.

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