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Should a family of 3 buy Toyota Raize?

First, let’s take a look at the Toyota Raize with some information that you may want to know about this car first!

Toyota Raize is Toyota’s first A+ class urban high-rise car. This is also the first Toyota model in Vietnam to use Turbo engine and has many equipment beyond the segment.

In Vietnam, Toyota Raize 2021 is distributed genuine 1 version: Toyota Raize 1.0 Turbo. Reference prices are as follows:

  • – Listed price: 527 million won
  • – Rolling price in Hanoi: 612,577,000 VND
  • – Rolling price in the city. Ho Chi Minh City: 602,037,000 VND
  • – Rolling price in other provinces: 583,037,000 VND

My family of 3, want to buy a car to go back to my hometown sometimes, the distance is about 300km, is Toyota Raize ok?  - Photo 1.

Toyota Raize 2021.

For specific reasons why, read the article below:

Reviewer Kenz Nguyen offers the following analysis:

“Because right from its name, Toyota Raize is a car in the A-segment segment, a city car – simple, minimalist cars, very cheap and only born for the urban environment, traveling short distances .

Toyota Raize is flexible to use in the city, but it’s not really good for long distances.

In Vietnam, because the price of the car is high and we use non-professional cars, we have a Morning car that runs about 300-400km long. It’s dangerous and tiring to go like that.”

In addition, reviewer Kenz Nguyen also gave some other disadvantages in the Toyota Raize as follows:

– If running long distances, the distance of about 300km, the user will feel uncomfortable because the soundproofing is not good, the suspension system “is not stable enough to be able to go that far, quite tired”.

However, when it comes to space, the ability to accommodate 3 people with Toyota Raize is very good, the power is also suitable, absolutely nothing to worry about for families with 3 people like your family.

The interior of Toyota Raize 2021 is considered modern and good-looking.

Finally, if the same money range as Toyota Raize, reviewer Kenz Nguyen offers another “ideal” suggestion that you can consider choosing. That is the MG ZS – the car has a much more comfortable and spacious space, the suspension is also firmer than the Toyota Raize and less noisy so you can go on such a long journey of about 300km. not too tired.

MG ZS car: Specifications and car price in April 2022

Unlike the HS, ZS focuses on the low-priced high-rise segment, with the rolling price like a B-size car, ZS with a variety of equipment and spacious interior space is more interested than HS.

The design is enhanced with automatic headlights combined with eye-catching LED daytime running lights. The new taillights are also improved in terms of design, 17″ alloy wheels with a sporty design also add to the luxury look of the car.

Some other impressive highlights of the interior of the MG ZS can be mentioned such as: The luggage compartment has a capacity of up to 1,166 liters; Panorama panoramic sunroof in LUX + version, one-touch adjustment glass door in driver’s seat…

* Advantages – disadvantages of the MG ZS

1. Advantages

Attractive price

Modern and luxurious equipment Spacious rear seats

2. Cons

Brand new, made in China

Poor sound insulation, especially on highways

* Reference car price:

1. NEW MG ZS STD+: 519 million VND (Price includes VAT)

2. NEW MG ZS COM+: 569 million VND (Price includes VAT)

3. NEW MG ZS LUX+: 619 million VND (Price includes VAT)

If you want, you can refer to the MG ZS . car for more information here.

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