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Smartphones are becoming more and more expensive

According to data from market research firm Strategy Analytics, the average price of smartphone in 2021 has crossed the 300 USD mark. This is said to be the highest level of smartphones since 2013.

Also according to the report, Africa and Asia – Pacific are currently the regions with the cheapest smartphone prices in the world. However, some Asian countries also have the highest phone prices.

Explaining this price increase, experts say that, in recent years, the demand for semiconductor chips has been increasing while the scarcity of supply has continuously occurred, causing the selling price of chips to also increase. increase. This forced smartphone manufacturers to increase selling prices.

Previously, Japan was the country with the highest average smartphone selling price in the world in 2020. Entering 2021, this position belonged to Korea.

The reason is attributed to the folding screen smartphones from the giant Samsung that have pushed the average price of smartphones in Korea up. Even many experts predict that this position will continue to belong to Korea until 2027.

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