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Spotting the hot female streamer, Lien Quan Mobile became the “holy place” of the beauties!

Covering the whole year with attractive tournaments with high expertise, Lien Quan Mobile is an extremely potential market, invested by many e-sports companies. In addition to training players with high skills, the beauties with hot bodies with non-trivial qualifications are also very noticed by the “furnaces” and brought in as affiliated streamers.

When highlighting the talented and talented streamer girls in Lien Quan Mobile village, these charming “pink balls” are definitely indispensable.

Thu Anh Nguyen

Referring to the hot female streamers of Lien Quan Mobile village, it is impossible not to mention Thu Anh Nguyen, currently under V Gaming. The popularity of this female streamer from Dong Nai in Lien Quan village is not necessary when she has more than 200,000 followers on her personal fanpage on Facebook, in addition, Thu Anh Nguyen is also the owner of the TikTok channel with more than 4 million followers.

Not only highly skilled, the female streamer born in 1998 is also famous for her extremely cute face but her body “attacking chest, defensive butt.” Thu Anh’s cosplays always make people “bleed” nose” because it’s too hot.

Thien Kim

Just like Thu Anh Nguyen, a female streamer under V Gaming, but Thien Kim makes people fall for her because of her extremely attractive appearance with a dynamic and personality style. With the advantage of a bust, a full butt, a slim, toned waistline, many times the female streamer has made fans admire because of her “burning” body.


Lyly Sury

As an emerging force of beauty in Lien Quan Mobile village, Lyly Sury’s real name is Nguyen Thi Huong Ly, currently the MC of the tournament. Arena of Fame Spring 2022 received a lot of attention from followers. Beautiful beauty, professional leadership and good game manipulation are the points that people are impressed with the female caster born in 1996. However, her slim body with attractive curves has been shown by Lyly Sury “shown” ” Thoroughly through pictures of extremely “burning” body skirts is what helps her to enter the top of these hot beauties.

Moe 1m77

As a “beloved” female streamer of Box Studio, 1m77 Moè (real name Thien An) owns a very large fan base.With an admirable height of 177cm, even the beautiful female streamer once revealed still has With a taller body, Moè 1m77 has long, slender legs, but “electricity” is extremely adequate, making many people “melm mlem” with this “quality” body.

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