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Stunned with the image of U40 Song Joong Ki through fancam

Song Joong Ki in the new movie The tycoon’s youngest son

As you know, now Song Joong Ki is participating in the filming of the new TV Series The youngest tycoon. In the movie, he plays Yoon Hyun Woo. This person used to work for the Sunyang group family for more than 10 years. But later, he died unjustly because he was involved in the Chairman’s black fund.

However, it’s just the beginning. Hyun Woo was reincarnated into Jin Do Joon, the youngest son of the Sunyang family. Having the chance given to him, Hyun Woo is determined to take revenge and swallow the whole corporation.

Shocked with the image of the maknae Song Joong Ki bouncing on the street

Although the content sounds very “drama”, but recently a fan filmed a scene of Song Joong Ki walking around with a backpack on the street. Remember, there are only about 5 months left until the handsome male Song family turns 37. Therefore, it is hard to believe that he can play the role of “the youngest” in such a “smooth” way. If you’ve ever watched Vincenzo, played by Song Joong Ki, it’s not difficult to realize that the auras between the two characters are completely opposite.

Stunned by the image of U40 Song Joong Ki through fancam, he no longer recognized the

Song Joong Ki and the cast of the movie The youngest tycoon.

Besides Song Joong Ki, what other names do the tycoon’s youngest son have?

Besides the star Descendants of the Sun, the film also has the presence of 3 other prominent names. The first person to mention is Tiffany (SNSD). Next is “East girl” Gyeo Wool at Hospital Playlist – Shin Hyun Been. Finally, there is Park Ji Hyun, who not long ago was caught up in dating rumors with Ahn Hyo Seop.

The tycoon maknae starring Song Joong Ki is scheduled to air this year on JTBC chn

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