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Sugar baby matchmakers

In 2020, young master Vuong Tu Thong revealed about the rich husband’s hunting furnace of rich lady Ngo La Phuong, causing the problem of sugar daddy – sugar baby in the nation of billions of people to once again stir public opinion.

In it, the girls will be taken to plastic surgery, trained in how to dress, walk and even housewives. All to build the image of a rich lady, living luxuriously but still interestingly, having knowledge when approaching and flirting with artists, giants and by all means becoming their wives.

“Don’t call us call girls. We’re more advanced. At first a student like me can be a sugar baby to be friends with a rich man, but the main goal is still to get married,” a practitioner named Anna said. ETtoday.

sugar baby brother 1

In a sugar dating relationship, the broker also benefits. Image: BI.

In return, “boss” Ngo Lap Phuong earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition from girls who dreamed of changing their lives.

When the trend of “adoptive fathers” is becoming more and more popular in many places, it is not only the “adopted daughters” who benefit financially. The faces behind taking on the task of shepherding and matchmaking also earn a large amount of money.

Open a sugar baby school and training class

In 2014, Carla Abonia (USA), a self-proclaimed professional sugar baby girl and advisor and “adoptive father” Alan Schneider announced the opening of a specialized university for girls who want to find rich people to be fostered.

Abonia frankly said that her travels around the world, along with the expensive gifts she owns, all come from the wallet of her rich “adoptive father”. Abonia herself decided to follow the “adopted” lifestyle after experiencing manual work, having to eat leftovers.

Thanks to her many years of experience, she claims she will help other women with similar desires.

The “educational” facility is located in New York City, with advertising focused on teaching “students” the 5 elements required to be a successful “adopt daughter” or “adoptive father”, including: sexual activity, intelligence, generosity, attractiveness, and reciprocity.

sugar baby brother 2

Carla Abonia with “sweet candy dad” Alan Schneider. Image: Mirror.

“I will show students how to look at the relationship so that it can grow and benefit both sides,” says Abonia of the teaching goal.

In addition, the school also has the help of a number of plastic surgeons, financial experts who do consulting work, instructing girls on how to invest in appearance and behavior.

For his part, “sugar dad” Schneider defended the above curriculum by arguing: “It’s not just about sex. We help them discover a real connection and many couples get married.”

Assets in millions of USD

When it comes to sugar dating sites, Seeking Arrangement, launched in 2006, is the biggest and most popular name, paving the way for a series of similar service providers later on.

Brandon Wade (49 years old) is the person behind and getting rich from this controversial website. After a few years, Seeking Arrangement has nearly 3 million members worldwide and currently has about 22 million active accounts.

Its members are mostly married men, the average age is in the 40s, and young female students come here because they want to pay for expensive college tuition or simply want to live a happy life in their home country. material without much effort.

sugar baby brother 3

The CEO of Seeking Arrangement was criticized for “getting rich by promoting prostitution”. Image: Seeking Arrangements.

Creating an account is very easy. Girls only need to provide information about age, religion, skin color, weight, hair color, eye color or habits such as drinking, smoking.

Reply on Business InsiderWade said Seeking Arrangement brought the company a level of revenue 10 million USD each year. Still follow The Richestthe amount of assets Wade holds in his hand falls around 35 million USD.

Responding to criticisms such as a disguised prostitution business, getting rich from a new type of prostitution, Wade did not deny the objections, but openly expressed his support for “sex for love” relationships. money”.

Even the “father” of the matchmaking website sugar dating calls what he is promoting as “the future of modern dating”.

In January, Seeking Arrangement continued to launch a new program called “Sugar Baby University” with an audience of young Americans, both men and women, “who want to get rid of student debt.”

sugar baby brother 4

The “sugar dating” service specializes in connecting rich, elderly sugar daddys who are willing to hang out with attractive girls who want to experience a luxurious lifestyle. Image: Insiders.

Kimberly de la Cruz, a spokesperson for the website, says that the aim of the program is to help students find “excellent financial benefits and valuable relationships that help them leave university without having to worry about having to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

With total student debt in the US reaching the threshold 1.8 trillion USDmore and more people decide to participate in this path of taking the body in exchange.

Allegations of brokering prostitution

However, not all “matchmakers” get rich and prosper quickly despite criticism.

In 2019, Sigurd Vedal, CEO of a sugar dating website called Rich Meet Beautiful, was arrested and prosecuted in Belgium for inciting debauchery in public places and violating anti-gender discrimination laws.

Last February, Selangor State Police (Malaysia) arrested Chan Eu Boon or Darren Chan (34 years old), the founder of the Sugarbook application, on charges of brokering prostitution.

On its website, Sugarbook describes the platform as a place where “finance meets romance.” Registrants will choose the purpose of participation, including becoming a sugar daddy, sugar mommy or sugar baby.

sugar baby brother 5

Police escorted Sugarbook app founder Chan Eu Boon to court. Image: AFP.

From 2018 to 2019, Sugarbook saw a 32% increase in the number of college students enrolled in the platform. During the 2 years of the outbreak, Sugarbook continued to attract many people to solve the problem of tight money.

The peak was when Sugarbook published statistics showing that thousands of students were using this app and named 10 Malaysian public and private universities with the most people wanting to be sugar babies.

In a country where Islam is the main religion, this problem is even more difficult to accept.

After Darren Chan’s arrest, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission blocked access to the Sugarbook website for allegedly violating the law on the use of network facilities or network services.

However, the developers of Sugarbook have built an alternative website for their users to access the blocked website.

The fact is that despite the efforts to prevent, users still find a way to bypass the law to come to these matchmaking service providers.

Last year, dating apps like “changing love for money” no longer appeared on the Play Store app store after September 1. However, those in need can still access them through the Internet or use tricks to access blocked websites.

Although Seeking Arrangement has been banned in China for a long time, closed groups on social networks are still rife with the principle that only members’ acquaintances can join and pay fees according to demand.

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