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Take your mother to a beauty salon, because she hasn’t been to a beauty salon for a long time

Last Thursday, I took my mother to a beauty salon, because she couldn’t come for a long time beauty salon. Now my brother has money, every month gives my mother more than 20 million, she needs to take care of herself to be more beautiful.

When entering the beauty salon, my mother and I were really shocked when we saw my brother lovingly walking out with his ex-sister-in-law’s arm. Her belly about 8 months pregnant was right in front of my eyes. Looks like she went for a belly massage. It took a while for my mother to calm down.

Mother rushed to blame my brother: “When the children were poor, they left their husbands and children, disappeared. Now that they can do business, why come back?”.

My brother said that girls really need a mother and a happy family, so he wants to mend his broken marriage. Mom angrily said if my brother wasn’t as rich as he is now, would his ex-sister-in-law come back?

That question made my brother silent, and Ms. Thanh said bluntly that she was very embarrassed and did not dare to return to her successful ex-husband. But for many months, my brother kept following and begging to make her fall in love.

She said she was pregnant with another man’s child, so she was not worthy of my brother. Ms. Thanh said she had left my brother many times but was found every time.

My brother said that after a year of divorce, Ms. Thanh came to see my brother and lent him 500 million to do business. Whenever my brother had a problem, she would find a way to help, even though the two were no longer husband and wife.

It was only when my brother was successful that she felt secure to walk again, but when she was only 4 months pregnant, her husband died in an accident. When I knew that Ms. Thanh was suffering a lot, my brother came to encourage her and asked to welcome her mother and her daughter to live together.

Although Ms. Thanh has made great contributions to my brother’s career, her mother still objected because she could not accept the pregnant daughter-in-law living in our family with another man’s child.

According to everyone, should my family now accept Ms. Thanh’s return? Is it because of my mother’s divorce? Why do I feel that they still love each other very much even though they have been divorced for 4 years now.

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