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Teenage boys talk softly, text messages sensitively with people of the same sex, how should they be adjusted?

First of all, when talking about gender, there are four aspects that need to be discussed:

The first What is the sex at birth? This will be based on chromosomes, internal and external genital organs such as male have penis, testicles, and female have vagina to determine. Or science also called the biological sex of each person.

Second is gender identity, that is the mindset of each person whether male or female. There are cases where the biological sex is male but always thinks that she is female and is borrowing the body of a male friend to survive. With this group, they will often be transgender in the future.

Tuesday That’s gender expression, that’s what shows on the outside such as how to dress, how to hair, how to behave, how to speak?… It’s just a way to show gender and only show it. on the outside, but the fact inside has not changed, this is not too worrisome. If described, your child’s case is in this group.

Wednesday it’s sex, which means that when gender is expressed, it can be male but soft-spoken, flamboyantly dressed, while female is individual, adventurous, strong… but inside is still normal. Sexual orientation is also normal according to biological sex.

In terms of medicine and science, this is a very normal thing, but in social relations, this group of friends when they are teenagers will often be teased and shunned by friends, if no intervention measures are taken. Timely intervention can lead to psychological problems.

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There are many minors who are brought to the doctor by their parents for fear of being gender-biased. Documentary photo/Le Phuong.

In fact, recently, we have received many cases where parents are worried about their child’s gender issues and bring them to the doctor, especially parents who are very worried that their children will be gay and transgender.

For the cases that come to the clinic related to this issue, it is not too difficult for us to access medically, because even true homosexual and transgender cases are not a disease, but a disease. differ only in sexual orientation or gender development. The most difficult thing for our team of doctors is how to get parents to understand the problem and be properly aware of this problem. This is not simple.

Most parents do not accept when their children have sex problems, they take their children to the hospital just to be examined and given medication to return the child to his or her biological sex. It is the thought of such parents that will put great pressure on children, especially in some cases of excessive actions such as confiscating phones, prohibiting activities … that will make children inhibit, even Unfortunate consequences can occur.

Therefore, changing the perception of family and society about gender identity is very important in the current period. For parents, care and supervision of their children is a must when they are minors, but it is also necessary to be open and respect the individual rights (within limits and limits) of children, especially on issues related to children. to gender.

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