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The author of ‘Hanoi Passion’ is bitter about losing the ownership of the song

On the evening of April 25, musician Nguyen Duc Cuong – the author of many famous songs such as: Enthusiastic Hanoi, Em in my eyes … expressed his frustration on his personal page.

Specifically, he wrote: “After the National Anthem and Midnight Dream by musician Giang Sol, along with many other works, Hanoi’s Passion was also stolen by a ‘professional’ unit. My parents, teachers and predecessors always taught me how to learn to be human. One of those things is integrity.”

Sharing with VietNamNet, musician Nguyen Duc Cuong said the song Concentration Hanoi has lost ownership on YouTube. He discovered this by accident, while uploading his works on YouTube to Nguyen Duc Cuong’s official channel.

Nguyen Duc Cuong said that his frustration also comes from the fact that in the past 15 years, he has freely let artists perform this “national” song without asking for permission, nor collecting a penny of royalties. Which, completely non-profit. Caused by Concentration Hanoi was composed as a gift, a love for the city he lives in and falls in love with. However, now the male musician is sad to discover that his brainchild has become a money-making tool for another unit on YouTube ever since.

The author of 'Hanoi Passion' is bitter because of the loss of ownership of the song - 1

Composer Nguyen Duc Cuong

Nguyen Duc Cuong affirmed that he has never had any contract with BH Media – the unit that has been doing business with his “brainchild” during the past time.

The male musician also said that BH Media was in trouble and was noisy around the “copyright stick” of the song. Noon dream with the author himself, musician Giang Sol, and was said by VTV to have “received” the copyright of the song Move forward – The national anthem of Vietnam. In these cases, BH Media explained that they only own the rights to the recording in question, and that they do not infringe the copyright. However, according to Nguyen Duc Cuong, the case of the song Crazy street is different because both the copyright and the recording rights belong to him.

The male musician said that he had made a license and today, April 26, will file a lawsuit against BH Media.

Musician Nguyen Duc Cuong was born in 1982. In 2007, the song Concentration Hanoi his won the experiment award in Vietnamese song. From there, this song became famous, especially among young people, becoming one of the most popular songs about Hanoi. In 2008, the song You in my eyes win up to 3 awards at Vietnamese song. Another composition by Nguyen Duc Cuong is also very famous and known by many people If you arrive performed by Van Mai Huong.

VietNamNet will continue to contact BH Media to learn more about the incident.

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