The Chinese player had a tense fight, the shocking statement made the fans “bruised in their liver”

Specifically, the source of Zhang Yuning’s verbal sparring came from the player’s repeated rebuttals to the criticisms of the Chinese media about a video claiming that the Chinese team was lazy in practice. Specifically, the striker born in 1997 shared on his personal Weibo page:

“There are many friends who ask about me, worried that I will be criticized after fighting those who criticize and spread false information about the Chinese team. They advised me not to get angry at people who do not deserve to be mentioned. .

I really thank you for worrying about me. I’m still fine and motivated enough to keep going.

At the same time, I want to send the message that don’t be afraid of cowardly statements. Must know how to fight all and respect yourself.

The final qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup has ended with the Chinese team. When someone asks for my comment, I just want to commend the team and myself. We’ve worked hard for a long time.”

The Chinese player had a tense fight, a shocking statement that made the fans

Zhang Yuning is a mainstay in the current China squad.

After the above statement, many fans flooded Zhang Yuning’s personal page to argue. Most of the fans expressed their anger, judging what is shameless and shameless Zhang Yuning.

Chinese reporter Xu Jiang also grasped this information and criticized Zhang Yuning on social media: “The Chinese team lost to Vietnam in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. Yet Zhang Yuning said that he and his teammates deserve praise.

If losing to Vietnam deserves to be applauded by the fans, then I must say that Chinese football has really collapsed. Really, what is there to praise for the Chinese team?”

Zhang Yuning is a regular face in the Chinese team’s squad to attend the final qualifying round of the World Cup 2022. He also appeared in the match where the team of billions of people lost to Vietnam with a score of 1-3 on the same day. the first day of Tet.

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