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The fashion battle that Hari Won lost from the moment she got dressed

Gucci’s designs always make fashionistas admire for their unique personality, in Vietnamese showbiz, when it comes to Gucci, it is impossible not to be stunned by the tight clothes coming from the position of “Gucci queen”. Ha Ho.

But recently, thinking of the famous Italian brand, people still “bounce” to a new character, a the character who is said to be “dumping” Gucci goods right on the fashion red carpet. That is Hari Won at the recent Cine Gucci event.

Hari - Photo 1.

Hari Won on the red carpet of the recent Cine Gucci event.

Tran Thanh’s wife decided to sweep the red carpet that day in a daring see-through outfit. This is one of those rare times Hari Won The opening was so fierce, but unfortunately, this was the most “disastrous” outfit on the red carpet that day.

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Tran Thanh and Hari Won seem quite awkward when posing with this cumbersome outfit.

The luxurious black color and fierce piercing design could not save Hari Won. The outfit has too many details and accessories that make the overall look cumbersome and confusing, causing trouble for the whole Tran Thanh standing next to it. Hari Won’s gentle cute face seems to be too much for this unconventional Gucci suit. “We don’t belong together” is the saying dedicated to Hari Won’s charismatic beauty in this outfit.

It is also Gucci’s design, but through the hands of “Thailand’s most beautiful female ghost” Mai Davika shows a completely different level.

Hari - Photo 3.

The female star poses in a misty pose but looks like a supermodel taking a photo of a magazine.

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gucci thai 10 16508967944841376813517

Mai Davika’s aura is enough to overshadow all things around.

Mai Davika combining a see-through lace skirt with a padded shoulder blazer, revealing daring lingerie, just like that, it makes fans dumbfounded with the Gucci-like elegance and power of the “ghost girl”. Event photos that feel like they could be on a magazine cover at any time. The public was dazzled by Mai Davika’s quality and elegance in this event.

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Mai Davika is elegant and powerful in every frame. Not ashamed to be the “beauty queen” of Thai cinema, Mai Davika is sometimes cold and arrogant, sometimes cute and funny… and in any respect, makes the public extremely mesmerized.

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What is the fashion level, just compare Hari Won and Mai Davika when they collide, you will know immediately. A sweet, cute Hari Won can’t compete with Mai Davika in this cross-border encounter, no matter how hard she tries.

Hari - Photo 1.

Wearing a sexy penetrating outfit, but looking at Hari Won, I only feel heavy and secretive.

Hari Won’s efforts cannot be denied, but the Gucci suit is just too much for her. Too many details from scarves, gloves… make the penetrating outfit lose its minimal sexy elegance. While Mai Davika only needed a padded shoulder blazer with a hint of lingerie to fully balance this difficult design.

Hari - Photo 7.

Looking at how cumbersome Hari Won is, turning to Mai Davika is so classy and temperamental. mai-davika-20220425211429546.chn

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