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The hot spot of the great battle Man City – Real Madrid: Can Ronaldo’s juniors stop Benzema?

The great battle between Man City and Real Madrid in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final will witness many notable hot spots.


Battle video Real Madrid – Chelsea (FPT):

In the middle of this week, the Champions League will be exciting again with 2 pairs of matches in the first leg of the semi-finals. All the attention of world football fans will be on Etihad Stadium, where the great battle between Man City and Real Madrid.

Real Madrid is the most successful team in Cup history C1 with 13 championships, while Man City is still looking for the first elephant ear trophy at Europe’s most prestigious club-level playground. More importantly, this match brings together many of the world’s top stars such as De Bruyne, Bernardo Silva, Mahrez, Ruben Dias of Man City or Benzema, Kroos, Modric of Real Madrid.

Can Ruben Dias stop Karim Benzema?

Coach Pep Guardiola was able to breathe a sigh of relief when Ruben Dias recovered from a hamstring injury. The Portuguese midfielder was back and played the full 90 minutes in Man City’s 5-1 win over Watford last week.

The hot spot of the great battle Man City - Real Madrid: Can Ronaldo's juniors stop Benzema?  - first

Benzema is a striker that makes every defense fear

In the past, coach Pep Guardiola has praised Dias for his tactical thinking and qualities that bring a sense of security in the defence. The 24-year-old’s fitness will be crucial in countering the threat posed by Karim Benzema.

At 34, Benzema is having the best season of his career. The French striker has scored 39 goals for Real Madrid in all competitions this season, including 12 goals in 9 appearances in the Champions League alone. Many experts even assess that Benzema is the No. 1 candidate for this year’s Golden Ball title.

Playing in the 9th position, but Benzema is very active, even ready to go back to the middle of the field to receive the ball, which makes it very difficult for central defenders to follow the one-on-one style. Therefore, the task of Dias will be extremely heavy and even the confrontation between these two players may decide the outcome of the match between Man City and Real Madrid.

Kevin De Bruyne vs Luka Modric

Looking at the quality of the midfield of Man City and Real Madrid, it is easy to see that Kevin De Bruyne and Luka Modric are the “conductors” in the play of each side.

The hot spot of the great battle Man City - Real Madrid: Can Ronaldo's juniors stop Benzema?  - 2

The confrontation between two “conductors” De Bruyne and Modric

There is no doubt about the importance of De Bruyne in the Man City squad. Positioned by coach Pep Guardiola in the central midfield position, but De Bruyne works very wide on the field and is ready to launch passes with very high accuracy. Besides, the Belgian midfielder can also cause mutations thanks to his ability to slick the ball and finish from a distance, promising to make a difference for Man City.

Meanwhile, Modric is strong in the ability to control the tempo of the game and create a connection between the lines. The Croatian midfielder can also create magical moments thanks to his superior passing skills. And like De Bruyne, Modric has an extremely dangerous long-range “weapon”.

De Bruyne is more appreciated than Modric in his ability to pass, but Modric has better defensive qualities than the Belgian midfielder. A fight between the two current top midfielders in the world promises to be very interesting to watch.

Phil Foden vs Eder Militao

Foden’s incredible progress over the past few years has made the England international an important pillar of Man City’s all-star squad. The 21-year-old has proven his ability to control the ball very well, is quick and often has slick dribbles that have plagued many defences this season.

The hot spot of the great battle Man City - Real Madrid: Can Ronaldo's juniors stop Benzema?  - 3

Foden brings a breakthrough in coach Pep Guardiola’s system

Besides, Foden is also a versatile player. In the context of Gabriel Jesus “showing off at the spray” this season, the England player is regularly ranked by coach Pep Guardiola as a “virtual number 9” in attack and will not be surprised if the 21-year-old player continues to play in that position. before Real Madrid.

The person most likely to be appointed along with Foden is Eder Militao. As a central defender, Militao possesses great speed. Facing the agility and ingenuity of Foden, the quality of the Brazilian international will make coach Carlo Ancelotti less worried. Not to mention Militao has a superior physique compared to Foden.


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