The land along the river, the lake heats up, a piece of fragrant cake or a trap?

Land along rivers and lakes increases in price “galloping”

Since the appearance of the Covid-19 epidemic, many families have begun to pay more attention to health issues, especially the rich in Hanoi. Land in areas along rivers and lakes is interested by many investors. Because the living space in the inner city is narrow and frustrating, many investors look to suburban spaces with mountains, lakes and fresh air to live.

Accordingly, these people do not regret spending money to buy large plots of land in the suburbs to use as a second home. Because many people are “hunting” including those wishing to build houses on the outskirts of the city and investors, Land prices along rivers and lakes have also increased “hot” in recent times. Especially in areas such as Luong Son, Ky Son, Kim Boi (Hoa Binh) or the area of ​​Soc Son, Thach That, Chuong My (Hanoi) always fluctuate in price from day to day. In just a short time, the value of land lots has increased rapidly, even increasing many times compared to 2021.

According to the survey, some land plots in areas near Anh Be, Phu Nghia, and Long My lakes (Soc Son, Hanoi) were previously priced at only VND 1-3 million/m2, now fluctuated between 4-6 million VND/m2.

Land near Ban Tien lake, Dong Do lake (Soc Son, Hanoi), around the end of 2020 the price is 5-7 million VND/m2, but now it has been pushed to 10-20 million VND/m2, depending on the location. the beginning or the end of the lake.

The land along the river, the lake heats up, a piece of fragrant cake or a trap?  - Photo 1.

For land on the mountain overlooking Dong Do lake, it used to cost 2 – 5 million VND/m2, now it has increased from 7 to 10 million VND/m2. Further locations, about 100m from Dong Do lake, the price is also about 1.8-3 million VND/m2, this price has doubled compared to 2021.

Similarly, in the area of ​​Co Dung lake (Thach That, Hanoi), the price of land along the lake also increased rapidly. For example, a land lot of 1,000 m2 with lake surface, the price in 2019 is 1.5 million VND/m2. By the end of 2021, the price has increased to 7 million VND/m2 and by the beginning of 2022 it is 8 – 9 million VND/m2.

In Hoa Binh, in the area around Dam Dom lake (Luong Son), small plots of land on the lake surface cost over 20 million VND/m2 with the type of land already in the red book, with garden land with a part of the land for permanent residence. and perennial crops also increased, fluctuating 4-6 million VND per square meter. In Ho Dong Chanh (Luong Son), in early 2021, land in this area costs about 2 -3 million VND/m2, by the end of 2021, the price has increased to 4-5 million VND/m2.

The surrounding land is not close to the lake but the “view” overlooking the lake is also pushed the price from 1 – 1.5 million VND/m2 to increase from 2.5 to 3.5 million VND/m2, some areas still pushed the price up to 7-11 million VND/m2 with many promises from brokers about clean land; land surrounding streams, mountains and forests; land suitable for resort villas; The investment is sure to pay off.

On real estate associations, groups, and brokers, they are sure about the potential to get when buying these pieces of land with a lake-side location, overlooking the lake: “Land F0, haven’t been through any investors yet” , “land can be subdivided or used as a resort garden”, “near the eco-resort planning area”….

Mr. The Anh – a real estate broker in Hoa Binh said that land prices in Luong Son and Kim Boi districts are experiencing great fluctuations. From the beginning of the year until now, destinations such as: Dong Chanh lake area, Nhuan Trach, Tan Vinh, Cu Yen (Luong Son) land is heating up day by day. Especially, before the information about big projects about to be built here, the land price increased 3-4 times.

Mr. The Anh added that, in mid-2021, the land plot at Dong Suong lake (Luong Son) with an area of ​​2,000m2, including 400m2 of residential housing embracing the whole lake, was sold by the owner for 3 million VND/m2, but at the beginning of the year, the owner sold it for 3 million VND/m2. This year, it was sold 7.5 million VND/m2.

In the opinion of many people, riverside areas often have open space and fresh air. In addition, the Vietnamese concept of a beautiful housing location is “the most near-sighted, the second near-jiang”, especially attaching importance to the location along rivers and lakes. Therefore, these lands often have high prices and are sought after by many people.

Carefully “grab” the bitter fruit

In fact, the coastal real estate market, especially the lakeside and riverside lands, has continuously witnessed an increase in prices in recent years because of its undeniable potential. However, the true value of these lands is still “unknown” and potentially risky for investors.

The land along the river, the lake heats up, a piece of fragrant cake or a trap?  - Photo 2.

According to many real estate investors, the reason the price has been pushed up so high is mainly because speculators often spread the deposit, keep the land, then if anyone needs it, they will sell the stake and make a profit. In the areas along rivers and lakes, many speculations and real estate brokers have “swamped” here, so most real estate transactions today are not for buyers to invest, but just a transfer. concessions of speculators.

Real estate experts believe that a sharp increase in land prices in the above areas will cause many consequences and directly affect socio-economic development, security and order, negatively impact infrastructure construction and the process of attracting local investment.

Mr. Nguyen Van Dinh, Chairman of the Vietnam Real Estate Brokers Association, said that the land fever in the localities has occurred in recent times, there have been phenomena of land sale not in accordance with the law. such as: forest land, farmland, garden…

Many brokers, even people, spontaneously sell forest land and garden land with or without a red book. Many plots of forest land following “land fever” also increased in price to trap inexperienced investors.

“The rampant sale of forest land leads to many consequences such as virtual land fever, illegal construction, and deceiving people, making the market unsustainable,” Dinh emphasized.

Prof. TSKH. Dang Hung Vo – former Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment also warned that when customers buy land along rivers and lakes, they need to be very careful and need to find out carefully because the land in this area is mainly forest land and cultivated land. industrial crops or agricultural land. Therefore, the land in this area can only be used for temporary works, not for permanent construction. The purchase and sale are also mainly handwritten and micro-licensed, so the buyer may have to take a big risk.

According to Tuan Minh

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