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The man died unexpectedly on the sidewalk of Ho Chi Minh City

On April 26, the police of District 4, Ho Chi Minh City are investigating the case Unnaturally dead man on the sidewalk.

The identity of the victim was identified as NNAT (SN 1975) living on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Ward 2, District 3.

At the scene, it was recorded that the victim was a man wearing long pants, a shirt, black leather shoes on his feet, a mask on his mouth, lying face down on the ground.

The autopsy revealed that the victim’s neck had a wound, the skull was broken inside, the left leg was broken off at the ankle, and the right leg had a collision injury.

The case of a man who died on the sidewalk, suspected of being murdered in Ho Chi Minh City: The left ankle was broken, the camera recorded a mystery - Photo 1.

The scene of an unusually dead man on the sidewalk

Checking the apartment area near the scene found no trace of the victim falling from above. The surrounding scene also shows no traces of plowing and disturbance.

Meanwhile, through camera extraction to record the victim, at 9:30 pm on April 25, the victim drove a white Vision car (BKS: 59S2-341.5) out of the house and returned at 23:21′. Then, at 23:30 on the same day, the victim walked out of the house again and was found dead later.

The victim was found dead by a janitor sweeping the trash around 3 a.m. on April 26.

Currently, the police have contacted the victim’s wife to inform the case and coordinate the investigation. register-20220426210808158.chn

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