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The market is “red on fire”, Plant Exodus is still confident to launch a “super event” on April 26

Plant Exodus is not a strange name to the gaming community, especially those who follow GameFi in the past. Different from the games developed in a short time, which only have 2D graphics and simple gameplay, even many games do not have a plot, Plant Exodus spends a lot of effort to build an attractive story. , coupled with really impressive 3D graphics. Spending nearly a year in development, Plant Exodus is finally preparing to open a Super Listing Event at 9pm on April 26, appearing on Pancakeswap.

The market is

Confidence in quality, eliminate FOMO

This move is considered relatively “brave” when the crypto market is in a state that is not as beautiful as last year. In the face of pressure on the price of bitcoin and the failure of many GameFi titles, causing the community to lose faith in new games, Plant Exodus remained faithful to the planned schedule (roadmap). ) his original. This not only affirms that the development team is extremely confident with the quality of their products, but also has a positive side: eliminating the FOMO factor that was very common in the previous “uptrend” market period. At this time, only games with investment, “real work” can prove themselves.

Remember last summer, it was Axie Infinity that pulled the whole market up. But few people realize that the game also hit the “downtrend” market. Therefore, Vitalik Buterin’s words that “serious projects will welcome the downtrend market” is completely valid. Plant Exodus chose a sensitive time to “get on the floor” possibly also to prove that point.

The market is

Strong investment in graphics and gameplay, interesting “reverse investment” mechanism

If you have ever played through “Flower”, a Vietnamese game open for sale on Steam and Microsoft Store, with excellent graphics that are highly appreciated by international gamers, you will certainly be satisfied with the graphics of Plant Exodus. This is because the design director of Plant Exodus, Mr. Cao Tuan Linh is also the father of the game “Flower”. The image of the races in the game is designed very differently and interestingly. There are a total of 9 grass tribes in the game, including Mushroom Tribe, Mossy Rock Tribe, Striped Leaf Tribe, Kettle Tribe, Stone Lotus Tribe, Cactus Tribe, Root Root Tribe, Dwarf Flower Tribe and Mineral Stone Tribe.

The market is

The father of Flowers – the famous game on Steam is also the design author of Plant Exodus.

The game’s Play-to-earn game modes are divided into two main parts, PvE and PvP. Where the PvE part includes exploring the world map in the story and fighting enemies. With the advantage of being developed by an experienced team like CTO Ha Minh Nham (who used to run famous VTC games such as Fifa 2, Audition and CrossFire) or COO Pham Le Minh, who brought Hoan My World to Vietnam In 2007, Plant Exodus promised to prove the quality of products that really serve gamers, instead of just focusing on the “earn” factor like many previous GameFi titles.

More importantly, the development team commits to spend up to 90% of revenue to invest back in the game, serving the gaming community. According to the game’s roadmap, by the first quarter of 2023, Plant Exodus will hold a PvP tournament with a total prize value of up to 1 million USD to warm up the community. This is considered a rare step, when only the big players in the game village can “play” like that.

Plant Exodus game launch teaser

The failure of many GameFi titles in the world is often due to the early game, the FOMO peaked but was immediately extinguished because the revenue from the game rapidly declined sharply. Many games are not afraid to “reveal” when collecting a significant amount of money. This has caused gamers in the crypto market to lose confidence. In the world, very few games dare to claim to use their own revenue to invest in the game and serve the community. In Vietnam, Plant Exodus can be considered as a pioneer who dares to do this. The main purpose of the development team is to create a game that has depth, has significant appeal and really helps users find entertainment while playing, not placing too much emphasis on the “Fi” factor like other games.

Super listing event

During the last few months, Plant Exodus has continuously held airdrop events for users, as well as AMA to answer gamers’ questions, along with the promise to launch Super Event right this April. True to its promise, Plant Exodus has set a Super Listing Event on April 26. Knowing that the market in general is in a difficult period, but surely this will heat up the GameFi market again. Because now, there are no false FOMOs or choices that lack research investment, now only real quality games can prove themselves.

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