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The reasons why electric vehicles stall, do not enter electricity

The cause of the electric vehicle’s engine failure, does not power on and how to fix it

Electric motorcycle stalls due to water entering

Reason: The condition of the car stalling, unable to go even though the car still has a lot of electricity, can turn on the gas, but the car can’t run because the car is in water (going into deep water area, falling into water), then the water seeps in the main operating parts such as the throttle, handbrake and power jack.

How to fix: In case the vehicle stalls due to flooding, immediately remove the battery from the vehicle. Then use a dry towel to wipe the water-soaked parts, tilt the car to let the water out (applicable in cases of heavy water penetration).

Connecting jack, electric vehicle fuse is broken

Reason: The jack connecting the car to the battery is slipped or broken, so the car suddenly loses power. The electric vehicle fuse is blown or burned, causing the power in the vehicle to be cut off, resulting in the vehicle not turning on.

The reason why the electric car stalls, does not enter the electricity - Photo 1.

The jack connecting the car to the battery is lost or broken, so the car suddenly loses power. CT photo.

How to fix: If you encounter the above situation, you need to check the entire electrical system of the vehicle, check whether the electrical jacks are chipped or broken? Check if the electric vehicle fuse is still usable or not, is it burned?

Electric motorbike does not turn on because Aptomat jumps

Reason: Some electric scooters are equipped with Aptomat for the vehicle when the power supply is unstable or overloaded, in such cases, Aptomat will automatically switch to OFF to protect the vehicle’s electrical circuit leading to electrical system failure. temporary interrupt.

How to fix: Find the location of the electric car Aptomat (usually located in the trunk) with the shape of an ON/OFF switch. You just need to turn the Aptomat to the ON state for the electric scooter to be energized again.

The electric scooter does not turn on, suddenly shuts down due to a broken electric lock

Reason: After a period of use, the electric lock is corroded and oxidized, leading to poor electrical contact and causing the electric scooter to not turn on, the flickering electrical system may be turned off suddenly.

How to fix: Remove the lock to check the contacts, are they oxidized (rusted)? Is the wire connecting the padlock broken, broken or not?

The cause of the electric car's engine failure, not entering the power - Photo 2.

The electric scooter does not turn on, suddenly shuts down because the electric lock is damaged. CT photo.

Electric motorbikes do not turn on, turn off the engine due to a damaged battery

Reason: The battery (battery) on electric motorcycles has a certain lifespan, if after a while you encounter a condition of the vehicle running low, the battery is virtual, the usage time is low, and even the engine is suddenly turned off, no power on. then most likely the problem comes from the battery.

How to fix: Check the voltage, amperage of the battery when fully charged to know if the battery is damaged, expired or not? If the battery is normal, but the above situation still occurs, you can check if the electrical connections on the battery are broken, or not? If so, re-soldering is required.

How to limit electric motorbikes from stalling or not turning on electricity?

Carefully store the car when traveling in bad weather, especially the front of the car and where the battery is charged. It is necessary to avoid leaving the electric vehicle in the rain for too long, which can cause water to seep into other parts of the vehicle. Avoid going through deep flooded areas or dirty mud that easily clings to the vehicle to cause rusting of vehicle components (scooter, engine shaft, battery contacts,…).

Currently, electric cars like Yadea, VinFast Klara have good water resistance to help you feel secure when going through many flooded places. This is also the reason you should consider when choosing to buy an electric car. Good waterproof cars will help you feel more secure when participating in traffic, but the price of these products is somewhat higher.

When something goes wrong, you should bring your vehicle to a service center or an electric motorcycle repair location, do not try to continue using it when the vehicle’s parts have been damaged, which can easily cause fire, explosion, or damage. spread to other parts.

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