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The sign “2 yellow – 1 red” warns that liver disease is progressing silently, need to see a doctor immediately

The reason liver damage is often “silent” is because the liver is one of the few internal organs without the distribution of nerves. Therefore, when the liver is damaged, it is difficult to assess the disease in the early stages.

Although the early warning symptoms of liver disease are relatively faint, if you have recently had the following signs, you should also pay attention and seek medical attention promptly.

The sign “2 yellow – 1 red” warns of liver disease

1. Yellow eyes, yellow skin

When the liver has problems, the whites of the eyes and skin will turn yellow. For example, diseases such as acute viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver cancer, etc. can all cause clinical symptoms of jaundice.

This jaundice is caused by bilirubin in the body not being metabolized. Bilirubin is a yellow pigment, formed by the breakdown of red blood cells, excreted in bile. Bilirubin needs to be metabolized by the liver and participates in the synthesis of bile, so if the liver has problems, it will affect the metabolism of bilirubin, causing jaundice, yellow eyes.

The sign

Illustration: Yellow skin and eyes can be warning signs of liver disease.

2. Unusually red palm

Usually people think that pink palms are a sign of health. However, the pink palm of a healthy person and the abnormally red palm caused by the liver are not the same.

Abnormal red palms, also known as red palms, are one of the warning signs of liver function problems, possibly chronic liver disease such as cirrhosis. This condition causes the skin on the fingertips and palms to be red, but white in the middle of the palm. Red spots may appear on the palm, when pressed on the red skin will turn white and will turn red when released. The red areas are also not painful or peeling.

Liver-related diseases such as cirrhosis (23% of cirrhosis patients will have red palms), Wilson’s disease, and liver cancer can all cause abnormal palmar redness.

Having these two symptoms usually means that chronic liver disease has progressed to a certain stage and needs to be seen as soon as possible.

The sign

Illustration: An abnormal red palm condition, also known as a red palm, can be a warning sign of liver cancer.

Some other symptoms

– Tired, dizzy.

– Not eating well, losing weight.

– Nausea.

The patient may be prone to bleeding or bruising and swelling in the legs.

– Itchy skin.

– Copy circuit. (the pulse emerges like a spider’s web)

– White nails.

Subjects prone to liver disease

In addition to those with the above symptoms, those who need to have liver function tests promptly are:

1. People with a family history of liver disease

If someone in your family has hepatitis A, B, C, D, E, you need to see a doctor because these viruses can be transmitted to other family members through mother-to-child routes. , sexually or when in contact with the blood of an infected person.

Meanwhile, hepatitis B and hepatitis C viruses are the cause of cirrhosis, thereby increasing the risk of primary liver cancer if not treated early. Therefore, if a family member has liver disease, everyone needs to go to the doctor to detect and treat the disease promptly.

2. Longtime alcoholics

Long-term alcoholism is one of the main causes of liver damage, drinking a lot of alcohol will increase the metabolic burden of the liver. At the same time, alcohol will also inhibit the liver’s ability to metabolize fatty acids, causing fatty acids to accumulate in the liver, causing problems such as alcoholic fatty liver and hepatitis.


Liver disease often progresses silently in its early stages, so all we can do is proactively prevent it and go for regular health check-ups to detect and treat the disease in time, avoiding the disease. The liver progresses more severely and causes greater damage to the body.

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The sign


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