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Twice married, no children, made an urgent request to the father-in-law

The Ottoman Empire (Turkey) was once the world hegemon with many famous victories on all sides. This empire has produced many excellent and outstanding people, in which, it is impossible not to mention Niloufer, the most beautiful princess in the world. Princess Niloufer’s life is like a sad song with many difficulties and hardships, but it is special and meaningful.

“Knock out” the Prince of India at first sight

Niloufer Farhat Begum Sahiba was one of the last princesses of the Ottoman Empire. She was born on January 4, 1916 at Goztepe Palace in Istanbul at a time when her maternal family was ruling the Ottoman Empire and her father was a prominent member of the court. In December 1918, at the age of 2, Niloufer suddenly lost his dear father.

A few years later, her reign was also waning. Princess Niloufer and her mother settled in Nice, France to live a more peaceful life. In 1931, when Princess Niloufer was 15 years old, her family introduced her to Indian Prince Moazzam Jah – a man 9 years older than her to marry.

The most beautiful princess in the world: Twice married, she could not have children, making a plea to her father-in-law that changed history - Photo 1.

Princess Niloufer has a beautiful beauty.

At that time, Niloufer possessed such a beautiful, heart-fluttering beauty that Moazzam Jah fell in love with her at first sight. The Indian prince did not want to marry anyone else and insisted on marrying Niloufer. On November 12, 1931, Niloufer married Moazzam Jah at Villa Carabacel in Nice, France.

The couple’s lavish wedding became the focus of media and public attention at that time. The pictures of this cult wedding are likened by the press to the fairy tale “One Thousand and One Nights”. After the religious ceremony, the couple went to the consulate to complete the marriage formalities and confirm their prenuptial agreement. Accordingly, in the event that the husband divorces or dies, Niloufer will receive $ 75,000 (VND 1.7 billion) in compensation.

After a lavish wedding in Nice, Princess Niloufer followed her husband back to his hometown of Hyderabad, India. Along the way, Niloufer was taught how to dress according to the traditions of her husband’s family and the rituals reserved for members of the royal family. Niloufer traveled to India with her mother and a French-born midwife, who was chosen to help Princess Niloufer during her future pregnancy.

The most beautiful princess in the world: Twice married, she could not have children, making a plea to her father-in-law that changed history - Photo 2.

Niloufer is married to the Prince of India.

Behind the beauty is the pain of “can’t have children”

When the Princess arrived in Hyderabad, they were greeted by the royal family with a lavish banquet. After that, the couple Princess Niloufer and Prince Mouzzam Jah lived in the Hill Fort building at Naubhat Pahad, Telangana, India. As the years passed, I thought there would be a happy marriage, but the reality was so harsh, Princess Niloufer never got pregnant.

Prince Mouzzam Jah’s passionate love for his beautiful wife gradually subsided. Outwardly, Princess Niloufer maintained a calm demeanor and continued her glamorous marriage, but inside she was very tormented and longing to have a child. The princess consulted with many doctors, but to no avail.

Although she could not bear children, Princess Niloufer’s flawless beauty was still praised by the people and in the 30s – 50s, she became a true fashion icon. Niloufer was invited to many events and even received a number of Hollywood movie offers. However, she politely declined all such invitations.

The most beautiful princess in the world: Twice married, she could not have children, making a plea to her father-in-law to change history - Photo 3.

Niloufer’s marriage to the Prince of India cooled down because she was unable to conceive.

Besides, Princess Niloufer is also often invited to take pictures for some prestigious fashion magazines and was voted the most beautiful person in the world. At that time, Niloufer made a strong impression with top fashion sense. When in India, Niloufer always wears traditional clothes and when traveling, she wears trendy European-style clothes.

Photographers and the press all love the elegant and graceful beauty of Princess Niloufer. The special traditional Indian costumes that Ms. Niloufer used to wear are still being studied and researched by fashion students around the globe. Currently, the collection of costumes that she used to use is on display at the New York Fashion Institute of Technology, USA.

Historical decision

While trying to conceive, Princess Niloufer witnessed a case that made her decide to change history. It was one of her maids who died after giving birth due to lack of medical facilities in 1949.

This tragic case made Princess Niloufer very heartbroken, she begged and tried to convince her father-in-law to set up a specialized hospital for women and children. This hospital is named after her Niloufer. In a society that still favors men and despises women, having a hospital exclusively for women is a dramatic change. The princess’s grandson, Himayat Ali Mirza, often donates food and cash to patients and families who come to the hospital.

Living in an increasingly cold marriage with the fear of not being able to have children, Princess Niloufer managed to forget it by enthusiastically participating in social and charitable activities. She often leaves the Palace to attend public exchanges and participate in cultural and entertainment events. Ms. Niloufer is considered a pioneer for the advancement of women in India. Her beauty and active life make Niloufer the idol of many women around the world.

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Princess Niloufer was loved by the people because she changed history and brought advancement to Indian women.

However, Niloufer’s lavish lifestyle and glamorous image are just a front to help her hide her desire to have children and her unhappy married life. In 1948, Prince Moazzam Jah married his second wife, who soon bore him three daughters. The marriage between Moazzam Jah and Niloufer became increasingly stale, the two no longer had feelings for each other and they finally divorced in 1952.

After divorcing her husband, Niloufer returned to France to live with her mother. At the age of 36, she still has a gorgeous beauty, continues to attract the attention of the press. On February 21, 1963, at the age of 47, Niloufer remarried to Edward Julius Pope Jr. in Paris, France. Her second husband is 3 years younger than her. He is a diplomat, businessman, screenwriter and film producer.

Mr. Edward had planned to make a movie about his wife’s life. Princess Niloufer lived a peaceful life with her second husband and the couple did not have children. She died in Paris, France on June 12, 1989, at the age of 73. She was buried at Bobigny cemetery in France.

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Niloufer’s legacy is still handed down to this day.

After the princess died, Mr. Edward left France to return to America. There he married his childhood schoolmate Evelyn Maddox Pope in 1990 and Edward died five years later. After Edward’s death, Princess Niloufer’s legacy was honored by her husband’s second wife Evelyn, which continues to be preserved through donations and exhibitions to this day.

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