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Vien Minh was secretly filmed while cheering for Cong Phuong

Although quite tight-lipped, To Ngoc Vien Minh – wife of Cong Phuong is still the WAG who worked hard to cheer her husband on the field. On the evening of April 25, in Hoang Anh Gia Lai FC’s match against Jeonbuk Hyndai Motors On Thong Nhat Stadium (HCMC) within the framework of the AFC Champions League 2022, Vien Minh also appeared in the stands.

In the clip posted on MXH, Vien Minh accompanied Phuong Anh – Cong Phuong’s younger sister. Even though they were wearing masks, they could see that both of them had a pretty fun conversation, showing a close sister-in-law-brother-in-law relationship.

Clip Vien Minh dodges the camera when being secretly filmed (Source: Ted Tran)

A detail that attracts many people’s attention is Vien Minh’s camera avoidance phase. Accordingly, when detecting the camera was facing her, Cong Phuong’s wife quickly dodged and disappeared behind the person in front.

The moment when Vien Minh dodged when he saw the lens

Vien Minh’s actions quickly made netizens interested and left comments. Some people even think that this detail shows the modesty and sophistication of Daughter, former Director of the State Bank of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City branch:

– Vien Minh is too modest, just dodge the reporter’s camera.

– Dodge cam is very delicate!

– You dodge too much!

– Among the “rooftops” of the football association, I like Duy Manh’s wife and Cong Phuong’s wife the most.

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Cong Phuong also appeared in the clip, not forgetting to applaud and greet the audience


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