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Vietnam U23 players are under pressure because of Van Hau’s position

Defender Phan Tuan Tai confidently played well at the 31st SEA Games, although he admitted that playing in Doan Van Hau’s position was very stressful.

In Vietnam U23, Phan Tuan Tai was ranked in the same position as Van Hau. At this SEA Games, Van Hau could not attend due to his injury.

Playing in the position of the star of Hanoi Club, Tuan Tai confidently said: “Playing in the same position as Van Hau is stressful, but it is also a motivation for me to try harder. I am confident and try my best to be on the final list to attend the 31st SEA Games.”

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Defender Phan Tuan Tai

The player born in 2000 said that after 2 friendly matches with Korea U20, Coach Park Hang Seo Suggestions to the players is that each person should play in many positions because the SEA Games only selects a few players and has to play multi-task to provide maximum support for the team.

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U23 Vietnam has 10 days to sprint

“My health condition is very good. I can play any position, as long as I contribute the best to the team. The whole team is focused on overcoming weaknesses and having the best performance in SEA. Games”, Viettel club players confirmed.

After 2 friendly matches with U20 Korea, the number of U23 Vietnam increased to 38 players. On April 26, 4 names of Viettel Club, namely Huu Thang, Tran Danh Trung, Khuat Van Khang and Cao Tran Hoang Hung, were additionally summoned by Coach Park Hang Seo. Viettel Club is waiting for an official letter from VFF before allowing 4 players to join the army U23 Vietnam.

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Coach Park Hang Seo still has a lot of work to do

Park previously summoned midfielder Nguyen Hai Long (Hanoi FC) and striker Le Minh Binh (People’s Police) on April 25.

In the afternoon of April 26, U23 Vietnam continued to forge troops at the VFF Youth Football Training Center. Do sea ​​Games is about to take place, so Coach Park mainly gives training plans with moderate intensity, in addition to mastering techniques and tactics.

On April 30, the team moved to Phu Tho to live, practice and prepare for the opening match against U23 Indonesia on May 6.


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