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Vietnamese bicycles at SEA Games 31 Race to a new milestone

20 years ago at the 22nd SEA Games taking place at home, the Vietnamese cycling team won 3 gold medals. To date, that is also the best performance achieved by our riders at the Regional Games. After 20 years, Vietnamese bicycles are aiming for an even bigger milestone, with the goal of competing for 5 gold medals.

“Dream team” of Vietnamese bicycles

There is an interesting coincidence between SEA Games 22 and SEA Games 31 for Vietnamese bicycles. Firstly, the competition venue for the cyclists takes place in Hoa Binh. Second, after 20 years, the Vietnamese cycling team also owns a dream team. Specifically, two decades ago, Vietnamese bicycles had a series of high-class riders. Mai Cong Hieu won the Gold Medal in the individual event of the road bike timekeeping. Phan Thi Thuy Trang and Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen also finished first in the content of downhill, cross-country terrain bicycle. 3 Gold medals at that time was still the best achievement that Vietnamese bicycles had in the history of participating in the SEA Games until now.

But as mentioned, like 20 years ago, Vietnamese bicycles are also possessing high-class, experienced riders who have achieved a good drop point. Besides Nguyen Thi That and Dinh Thi Nhu Quynh – cyclists who won the SEA Games gold medal in the Philippines 2 years ago, Vietnamese bicycles also have a team of equally qualified players such as: Nguyen Thi Thu Mai. , Bui Thi Quynh, Nguyen Thi Thi, Nguyen Thi Kim Cuong (the starting content of the women’s individual row and the team road bike); Ca Thi Thom (topographical content); Quang Thi Soan (female downhill content); Tran Tuan Kiet, Quang Van Cuong (personal content for scoring); Nguyen Hoang Sang, Phan Hoang Thai, Quang Van Cuong, Nguyen Truong Tai (individual men); Nguyen Tuan Vu, Nguyen Truong Tai (individual timers)…

Thanks to that, Vietnamese bicycles set very high goals, not only balancing the record 20 years ago but even aiming for a new and unprecedented milestone. The proof is that a few days ago, the General Secretary of the Vietnam Bicycle – Motorcycle Federation and in charge of the cycling department of the General Department of Sports – Nguyen Ngoc Vu said that at this SEA Games, there were a total of 12 sets of medals (for the whole road). field and topography). And the goal of Vietnamese bicycles is to strive to win 5 gold medals and set high expectations for female cyclists.

Vietnamese bicycles at SEA Games 31 Race to a new milestone - 1

Vietnamese bicycles with a very strong lineup confidently aim for 5 Gold Medals.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Vu said: “The advantage of the mountain bike team is that they have been practicing and getting used to the track for a month in Hoa Binh. They have the ability to know every bend and slope, so they promise to make a breakthrough against strong rivals from Thailand and Indonesia.”

Roadmap to prepare for the 31st SEA Games

Cycling will compete in Hoa Binh from May 14 to 22. Eight Southeast Asian countries have registered to participate in the SEA Games cycling race, with a total of about 260 athletes and coaches: Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore and host Vietnam. Biking has two divisions: mountain bikes and road bikes. There will be 90 mountain bike athletes and coaches attending the 31st SEA Games, while road bikes will include 150 athletes and coaches.

As for the Vietnamese bicycle team attending the 31st SEA Games, we have 39 members, of which the road bike has 16 athletes and 5 coaches. The mountain bike team consists of 14 athletes and 4 coaches. Currently, the mountain bike team has gathered and practiced for many days in Hoa Binh, while the road bike team has not been able to gather troops because the male players are competing in the 2022 Television Cup cycling tournament. (April 30, 2022 just ended). Participating in the SEA Games 31 cycling event, there are 7 international referees and 58 BTC members and national referees. Currently, Hoa Binh has completed the preparation for the SEA Games 31 cycling event.

It is known that the SEA Games 31 bicycle race will be held in Hoa Binh with 12 contents including: Men’s 50km and women’s 30km; individual timers for men 40km, women 30km; men’s – women’s and women’s team races (162.8km for men, 88.8km for women); 5km cross-country racing, 2km downhill race… To reach the huge goal that Vietnamese bicycles have never had, the preparation process is also done meticulously and calculated. It is known that the Vietnamese women’s cycling team is training in Phan Thiet while all the male players are returned to the club to compete in the Ho Chi Minh City Television Cup. Concerned that the male players would not be able to recover in time after the 23-stage tournament of the Ho Chi Minh City Television Cup, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Vu said that the organizers had discussed the same with the cycling division of the General Department of Sports and Sports. , thereby making appropriate adjustments such as increasing holidays, reducing competition distances… so that the national players are not overloaded.

General Secretary of the Vietnam Bicycle – Motorcycle Federation and in charge of the cycling department of the General Department of Sports – Nguyen Ngoc Vu affirmed: “We have stabilized the list of players to attend the 31st SEA Games. All four contents of the event. Bicycles keep the list of national players and registered to compete in the 31st SEA Games this year, without changing any personnel.

According to the plan on May 3, all male and female members of the long track will move to Hoa Binh to gather and practice getting used to the climate and race track until the 31st SEA Games. Mr. Vu also said, The track of the SEA Games 31 cycling competition has been completed by Hoa Binh locality, so it is guaranteed to be professional when practicing.

Dinh Thi Nhu Quynh hopes to win the Gold Medal in her hometown Dinh Thi Nhu Quynh, along with Nguyen Thi That, won the 30th SEA Games Gold Medal in the Philippines. The girl from Muong Bi, Tan Lac, Hoa Binh is very eager to once again win gold in the cross-country content of the mountain bike competition. Besides being able to help Vietnamese bicycles reach the milestone of 5 gold medals in this SEA Games, Nhu Quynh of course has another motivation. That is to shine and achieve success in Hoa Binh itself – his native land. Until now, Nhu Quynh has achieved impressive achievements such as the Gold medal in 2011 at the 26th SEA Games; Bronze medal of Asian mountain bike championship 2012; Bronze medal at SEA Games 2013; National dirt bike champion in 2 years 2019 and 2020; First Gold Medal for the Union sport Vietnam at SEA Games 30…

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