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‘Vietnamese people like to blame when driving on the street’

Whether riding a motorbike or a car, you should also have a sense of following the law, if you are wrong, you will be punished, not blaming each other.

Read the article ‘Why does cold fines not apply to motorbikes?‘ I see an opinion that four-wheelers should be fined cold because they occupy the lanes of two-wheelers and because they contribute to two-wheelers breaking traffic laws. So the times you think of yourself as “4-wheelers occupy the two-wheeler lane”, is it really a 4-wheeler going in the wrong lane? Or is it the mixed lane?

Anyone who has joined traffic by personal means must have full civil act capacity. When violating traffic laws is the choice of the vehicle driver, no one “puts a knife to the neck” to force them to violate, so don’t say “contributing” here.

When encountering a red light according to the law, any vehicle must stop, wait in line to wait for its turn, rather than drifting right or left and encroaching on the opposite lane to squeeze in front of the line – this behavior is very common. found on motorbikes. Or in the morning, just go to Pham Van Dong Street in Thu Duc (HCMC) to check it out. There are four lanes in the middle, and motorbikes are only allowed to enter the innermost lane at two fixed time frames. In fact, many motorcyclists rush out into all four lanes.

Finally, don’t bring out the difference in means of vehicles to distinguish “motorcycles, cars or even cyclos…”, just follow the law. Many people often have the kind of “I ride a motorbike, so I bring out some car problems to talk about”. Motorcyclists may have never ridden a car, but most people who ride a car have had a motorbike. So when you criticize when they ride a car, sometimes when they ride a motorbike, they also disregard traffic laws like that. What needs to be recognized is that the majority of Vietnamese people have a bad sense of traffic participation.

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