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Vo Ha Tram’s Moon is amusing again with a “heavy” moment

After giving birth to her first daughter with her Indian husband, Vo Ha Tram often show off their children on social networking sites.

Little Moon She is one of the hottest children in the Vietnamese entertainment industry, every time she appears, she makes fans extremely excited by her mischievous and lovely expression.

Recently, Vo Ha Tram has just posted on her personal page a moment of little virginity of her little princess.

Vo Ha Tram

Specifically, when her mother let her sit in a baby chair, Moon had a design that made everyone laugh when looking at it. The girl put one leg on the arm of the chair, revealing her fat thighs and looked petrified. The girl’s funny expression is like blaming why Tram’s mother “dipped” her, “cutting the hearts” of netizens. Everyone had to laugh at the mischievousness and cuteness of Vo Ha Tram’s maidservant.

Vo Ha Tram

Baby Moon was born in 2021, her real name is Chaudhary Vaishali Western. The girl is the crystallization of the love of Vo Ha Tram and her husband, Indian businessman Vikas Chaudhar. The older the girl, the more beautiful and lovely she is, she is commented to have more similarities with her father and grandmother. Fans all think that she will become a future beauty of Vietnamese showbiz.

Vo Ha Tram


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