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When music and light together awaken the desire to “light up” Vietnam

Explosive music party

Right from the selection of the venue for the music party to take place fully, Light Up Vietnam has clearly shown the spirit of an artistic event with many hidden messages. Newly inaugurated in March, the fresh space of Gia Dinh Stadium has brought a comfortable experience to more than 15,000 spectators, and at the same time fully conveyed the message of the Light Up Vietnam Music Festival about a Vietnam. full of new life, full of excitement towards the future.

Stemming from the inspiration “For a prosperous Vietnam”, VPBank invested a worthy stage with a length of up to 110m and a height of 30m. The center of the stage is a giant cube, symbolizing solidity and longevity; surrounded by prosperous flowers flying in the air as a confident affirmation of Vietnam’s strong rise after the pandemic.

Combined with 700 international standard lights – a system only used at individual concerts by international A-list stars, 2,000 meters of Matrix LED lights spanning the entire stage and a set of 200 sound speakers From the world’s leading brand, Light Up Vietnam delivers performances that explode all the senses.

Each performance of the artists in the show is a spectacular and spectacular stage concept with a completely new mix. Stage effects, sound, images, fireworks and fiery performances from the top line-up Vbiz brought an extremely “hearty” art party to entertain all emotions of the audience. fake.

Light Up Vietnam: When music and light together awaken the desire to

The stage level of Light Up Vietnam brought the show a new record: “The biggest music festival using Lighting show technology combined with LED matrix technology has the largest scale in Vietnam”. Besides, with 3 million online views and more than 800,000 netizen watching at the same time, no music event has achieved stunning numbers like Light Up Vietnam in the past 3 years.

“Light up Vietnam” with a positive and civilized message

The appearance of the most popular vocalists in Vbiz is a “magnet” attracting tens of thousands of spectators right from the moment “Light Up Vietnam” kicked off. The Light Up Vietnam Music Festival also has the mission of being a spiritual “vaccine” for the audience after the pandemic, as well as arousing the pride and ambitions of the young generation about a prosperous Vietnam.

Light Up Vietnam: When music and light together awaken the desire to

Taking on the “responsibility” of opening the music festival, Hoang Dung and My Anh are both names representing young artists, the almighty Gen Z “holding” a prosperous future. The appearance of GDucky and Rap music – Western street culture carries strong energy and personality as an affirmation of a Vietnam ready to integrate but not dissolve before new trends and cultures.

Toc Tien, Erik and Ho Ngoc Ha are Vpop’s “shinier and brighter” gems. Constantly “transforming” and not afraid to challenge themselves in many fields, the trio of artists brought to Light Up Vietnam the image of sustainability, maturity, and desire to conquer. Famous for his elegant style and “music of kindness”, Ha Anh Tuan’s appearance at the event was the perfect piece for a humane, heart-touching message.

Light Up Vietnam: When music and light together awaken the desire to

“The combination of two energy sources – breakthrough, youthfulness of young and sustainable artists of ‘senior and senior’ artists will bring unprecedented, explosive and real performances. light up Vietnam from the perspective of music” – BTC program shared.

The songs selected in the program also constantly send positive messages. If the opening song “We Are The Family” combines a child choir and dozens of singers and actors on stage, praising and cheering for Vietnam’s spirit of solidarity after the pandemic; Let’s Shine with the brilliant fireworks display in the middle of the program is the explosion of the call for young people to light their torch to break through, awaken all senses, “light up” the image of Vietnam just now. overflowing with life.

Light Up Vietnam: When music and light together awaken the desire to

Those messages are consistent with the spirit and meaning of the program “for a prosperous Vietnam”. This is also the new mission that VPBank pursues when announcing the re-branding in early April.

“Light Up Vietnam is not just a single music event, but an action campaign towards the prosperous future of the country initiated by VPBank” – a bank representative shared. “Along with activities such as handing out passbooks to orphans because of COVID-19, free medical examination and treatment for poor small businesses in many provinces and cities across the country… we hope that the music festival will spread new positives. new life values, becoming a source of inspiration and arousing ambitions and aspirations among young people”.

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