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Why did Ly Nha Ky spend 33 billion VND to save the film crew who ran out of capital and defaulted on debt?

Tuesday, April 26, 2022 06:18 AM (GMT+7)

The actress told her journey to revive the movie project “The Third Man” when the old producer ran out of capital and defaulted on debt.

Trailer for the movie “The Third Man”

The crew of the Vietnamese-Korean cooperative film “The Third Man” has just had a press release in Ho Chi Minh City. Initially, the film was called “The Secret of Heaven”, but was discontinued 4 years ago because the producer ran out of capital and defaulted on debt. Ly Nha Ky is the one who bought the project and changed its name to “The 3rd Person”.

The film has the participation of Ly Nha Ky, Kim Tuyen, Xuan Nghi, Hoang Khoi… Director Park Hee Joon and actor Han Jae Suk were absent at the event because they could not go to Vietnam due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Why did Ly Nha Ky spend 33 billion VND to save the film crew who ran out of capital and defaulted on debt?  - first

Ly Nha Ky with Xuan Nghi and Kim Tuyen

Playing an important role in the reboot of the work, Ly Nha Ky opened up about her decision to spend huge amount of money and become a producer, even though she did not have much experience in this field before.

“I spent 33 billion to save Heaven’s Secret for 3 reasons. First of all, I don’t want the image of the Vietnamese team to lose points in the eyes of foreign colleagues. Shouldn’t the entire team of hundreds of people on our side have a bad reputation just because of a mistake made by a single individual?” she said.

In addition, the desire to protect the interests of both Vietnamese and Korean crews is also the driving force behind the actress. Looking at the brothers in the group, despite falling into a state of turmoil, but still suffering and struggling, trying to hold on to record, it was even harder for her to hold back. Therefore, Ly Nha Ky hopes that the money she pays will help them make up for their loss.

In particular, she accepted to sit in the production chair because of her admiration for actor Han Jae Suk. “Han is both an idol and a co-star that I love very much. I can’t bear to see his hard work and enthusiasm pour into the ocean.” she expressed.

When asked about the reason for choosing a foreign actor to play the role of a Vietnamese character, Ly Nha Ky was frank: “Honestly, because I am not the person who conceived the project, I do not know the reason. I’m just trying to deal with the consequences left by the previous manufacturer. This made the voice actor for the male lead Quang Kha, ie Thanh Binh, have to spend a lot of effort, because actor Han Jae Suk used Korean when recording, not Vietnamese.

Honestly, I’m afraid to talk about the movie because it’s still not as perfect as I wanted it to be. But because of the efforts and enthusiasm of hundreds of brothers, I decided to complete the project, bring it to the theater and not put too much emphasis on revenue.” Ly Nha Ky is straightforward.

Why did Ly Nha Ky spend 33 billion VND to save the film crew who ran out of capital and defaulted on debt?  - 3

Ly Nha Ky spent 33 billion VND to save the life of the movie “The Third Man”

At the event, Ly Nha Ky also told the horror behind the scenes of the movie. Accordingly, when the old manufacturer announced the default, the Korean crew was extremely panicked. They feel they are being deceived. Even, because there was nothing to eat, the Korean team had to eat instant noodles and pick wild vegetables around the hotel to fill their stomachs.

“At that time, because I loved the old producer, I agreed to spend 6 billion dong so that the filming process could continue. However, just a week later, the crew continued to default on episode 2. I was so angry that I wanted to leave the airport to return home, but at the insistence of the Vietnamese crew, I calmed down and decided I plan to meet with her to negotiate the purchase of the whole project.”Ly Nha Ky said.

Because the film crew was insolvent, some of the brothers on the costume team sold the actor’s clothes and accessories in the market to “make up for the loss”. Therefore, when preparing to shoot for the third time, the crew had to ask people to go to the stores to buy them back.

Listening to the sharing from Ly Nha Ky, both Kim Tuyen, Xuan Nghi, Hoang Khoi did not hide their surprise. The three shared, they were very impressed with the effort that the beautiful surname Ly had put in so that “The 3rd” could debut. For them, the time participating in this project is an unforgettable experience. Especially, when they learned that Ly Nha Ky stood up to receive the poles, Xuan Nghi and Hoang Khoi decided to return to filming without taking the salary.

“I used to deal in real estate, trade in luxury goods, diamonds, etc., but no field has given me more difficulty than the production of this movie. I really feel helpless, lost. Fortunately, the director Park Hee Joon and Mr. Han Jae Suk gave me a lot of strength.

Despite the epidemic situation in Vietnam, Uncle Park Hee Joon still decided to stay, locking himself in the editing room for months to do post-production. And so is Han Jae Suk, who refused to return home from the management company because he wanted to complete his incarnation.” Ly Nha Ky opened her heart.

Why did Ly Nha Ky spend 33 billion VND to save the film crew who ran out of capital and defaulted on debt?  - 4

Ly Nha Ky and Han Jae Suk in the movie

The actress ended the premiere with a message: “I hope the audience will support The 3rd and the crew. If you feel unsatisfied with any aspect of the film, please judge only me.”

“The Third” is scheduled to hit theaters on May 13 nationwide. On May 16, Ly Nha Ky will bring “The Third Person” to the “Cannes Film Festival”.

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