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All shame is gone, sister!

The flip side phase is faster than flipping the rice paper of Kim Tae Hee

During her acting career, Kim Tae Hee has participated in many films. Some of her notable works are My Princess (My Princess)close together Song Seung Heon.

In this drama, Kim Tae Hee plays the role of Lee Seol – an orphan girl who is fortunate to receive help from a kind family. However, in reality, Lee Seol has the status of a royal princess. Meanwhile, Song Seung Heon plays the rich diplomat Park Hae Young.

I died laughing because Kim Tae Hee flipped her face faster than the rice paper: I lost all my shame, sister!  - Photo 1.

Lee Seol’s super fast flip in My Princess

The first time the two met, at that time Lee Seol still did not know his true identity. Park Hae Young asked her to stay and take pictures with the princess of another country because it was a “national matter”. In response to Hae Young, Lee Seol gave an extremely straightforward refusal.

She said that if he was fired from his part-time job because of being late, he could not be held responsible. But when Hae Young promised to pay a huge amount, her face immediately changed 180 degrees.

What movie is Kim Tae Hee currently acting in?

Currently, the 42-year-old actress is not participating in any film projects. The last time the audience saw her on a TV Series, it was in the movie Hi mom, goodbye! aired in 2020. This is a movie full of humanistic meaning that you can watch right at Netflix. Outside Hi mom, goodbye!some other works that are also worth seeing with the presence of the beauties surnamed Kim are Codename Iris, Genius Quack and Harvard love story. chn

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