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Auction of license plates “beautiful” and “special numbers” are granted like?

The scope of regulation of this draft Resolution is piloting the granting of the right to choose according to demand to use license plates of automobiles through auction, including the starting price of number plates put up for auction; In case of sale to the only person participating in the auction; Rights and obligations of auction-winning agencies, organizations and individuals; Using revenue from auction of license plates and license plate prices.

A remarkable point and many people wondered when the Ministry of Public Security proposed a pilot auction under the mechanism of “number plates following people”. Accordingly, when selling a used car, the auction winner is entitled to keep the number plate to register for his other car, and when he changes his permanent address to another province or city, he does not have to return the number plate.

Auction of license plates

The Ministry of Public Security’s proposal to auction license plates is attracting many people’s attention. Photo: Le Bao Binh

From the perspective of the vehicle management unit and the driver, when talking to PV Dan Viet, Mr. Luong Duyen Thong, Director of the Department of Vehicle and Driver Management said: “The auction of car license plates is not In fact, license plates have been managed by the Ministry of Public Security for a long time, the auction of license plates also helps state management agencies to easily manage them. more reasonable”.

Regarding this issue, talking to PV Dan Viet, Senior Lieutenant Colonel Pham Viet Cong, Head of Vehicle Registration Department, Traffic Police Department (Ministry of Public Security) said: “Currently, the auction of new license plates is being launched. published in the draft and the Ministry of Public Security has also made proposals to collect comments for 2 months, from April 22”.

Regarding the starting price of the car license plate auction, Colonel Pham Viet Cong said: “In the draft resolution on piloting granting the right to choose to use license plates through auction, the starting price of the license plate Cars put up for auction have not been specified.

At Point a, Clause 2, Article 8 of the Law on Property Auction, the starting price is determined according to the provisions of law applicable to that type of property.

Also in Clause 3, Article 107 of Decree 151/2017/ND-CP dated December 26, 2017 of the Government, ministries and central agencies assigned to perform state management of digital warehouses are responsible for building and submitting to the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister shall stipulate the form of collection of money for granting the right to choose to use digital warehouses, determine the starting price for auction, etc.

Point b, Clause 2, Article 24 of Decree 151 stipulates that the head of the agency assigned to organize the sale of assets establishes a council to determine the starting price according to the guidance of the Ministry of Finance or hires a qualified organization. valuation activities determined to serve as a basis for deciding the starting price.

Auction of license plates

Auction of license plates will create opportunities for many people to choose number plates according to their personal preferences, not “beautiful plates”, “special numbers”. Photo: Le Bao Binh

Information about the auction process with only one participant, Colonel Pham Viet Cong said: “In case there is only 1 person registering to participate in the auction or there are many people registering to participate in the auction but only one auction participants, or there are many auction participants but only one bidder, or there are multiple bidders but only 1 bidder with the highest bid and at least equal to the starting price at the first auction. 2 or more, the number plate is auctioned for that person.”

In addition, the property auction in the case that only 1 person registers to participate in the auction, 1 person participates in the auction, and 1 person bids according to Article 49 of the Law on Property Auction does not apply to real estate. according to regulations on management and use of state property.

“In fact, many people will choose a number plate according to their personal preferences, not “beautiful sea”, “special number” according to the concept of some people, for example, number plate according to date of birth, date of birth, memories,…” Colonel Pham Viet Cong shared.

Regarding the license plate warehouse, Lieutenant Colonel Pham Viet Cong said, “Currently, the license plate warehouse is under joint management. The license plate auction process will be public on an electronic portal, clearly stating the license plate. number of bids and auction deadlines for people to choose and auction.

If this project is approved and approved by the National Assembly to pilot, the number plate will be identified as a public property, the valuation must be appropriate to improve the efficiency of state management and serve the people.

The Traffic Police Department is studying the laws governing the auction of properties and calculating the most effective auction. The starting price will be decided and adjusted according to the market mechanism, the market will decide the price.

The Ministry of Public Security assigns provincial-level police to sign a contract to hire an asset auction organization that has an online auction website to organize an online auction.

The proceeds from the number plate auction, after deducting the costs of organizing the auction as prescribed, will divide the revenue according to the ratio of 70% to be paid to the central budget, 30% to the local budget. .

The draft also states that no auction of license plates issued for vehicles purchased from the state budget, vehicles of the army used for defense purposes, vehicles of military enterprises for economic purposes, vehicles of organizations foreign enterprises, diplomatic missions, representative offices of international organizations and foreigners working in such agencies and organizations operating in the Vietnamese territory.

Auction participants are organizations, businesses or individuals who are entitled to participate in the auction of number plates of the locality where they are headquartered (for organizations and businesses) or where they have registered their permanent residence (for individuals). ).

The auction organization is the police of the province or centrally run city, which organizes the auction of number plates according to the decentralization of vehicle management registration.

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