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Beijing races to detect COVID-19 cases, Shanghai continues to blockade

Beijing has rolled out mass testing for more than 20 million residents. (Photo: AP)

Mass testing at Beijing takes place when the Chinese capital government is trying to avoid a spiral of crisis like in the current outbreak in China Shanghaiputting this city of more than 25 million people on lockdown for weeks.

In Beijing, supermarkets have fully stocked goods at the request of local authorities.

Beijing has implemented COVID-19 test for more than 3.5 million residents of Chaoyang District on April 27, after the first test on April 25. Meanwhile, on April 26, 16 million residents in other districts of Beijing were tested, and the second wave will take place on April 28.

A total of 20 million people out of a population of about 22 million in Beijing will be tested three times this week.

Beijing city detected 31 new cases of COVID-19 on April 26, compared with 33 the day before. As of 20:00 on April 25, results from 526,457 test samples gave negative results. City officials have yet to release all the results from the April 25 test.

Beijing races to detect COVID-19 cases, Shanghai continues to blockade - Photo 1.

The city of Shanghai continues to blockade against the epidemic. (Photo: AP)

The SARS-CoV-2 virus first appeared in the Chinese city of Wuhan at the end of 2019. Authorities in the country controlled and prevented the outbreak of the disease with strict blockade measures and bans. go. However, the fast-spreading variant of Omicron challenged China’s “Zero COVID” policy.

Shanghai officials reiterated that they will soon begin easing restrictions in districts that have quelled the epidemic, but did not give a specific time or other details.

Meanwhile, most people have to stay in their homes. Even those who can get out have few options as most shops and other venues have closed.

The data shows that 6 out of 16 Shanghai counties have not recorded any new cases outside the quarantine area. In total, Shanghai detected 171 new infections on April 26, down from 217 cases on April 25.

Shanghai reported 48 new deaths, down from 52 a day earlier.

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