Boy frames 39 test trays into works of art

However, after showing off his “work” online, he was immediately sent a message by a medical professional.

Boy frames 39 quick test trays into works of art-1
“Artwork” of a Thai guy. Photo: The Thaiger.

Some time ago, when Disease Still unregulated in many countries, the rapid test kits used by everyone are quite popular. Those who test themselves at home and are negative will then breathe a sigh of relief and throw away the test tray without thinking much.

However, self-testing many times and every time being negative, it seems to be the pride of a Thai guy. So he decided to keep his 39 negative test trays as a souvenir and frame them, like a picture.

After he posted his “work” on social media, many people shared the image because they found it very funny. But although he may boast of his unrivaled immune system, what he doesn’t know is the danger posed by the “work”.

A scientist working at a medical laboratory in Thailand went to the guy’s social networking site to write a warning, that no one should keep the test trays to prove anything because it is not a battle. What a glorious job.

This person confirmed, used test trays, even if the results are negative, “can spread many diseases, not just one disease” to members of the family and community, so both Used test strips and trays all need to be disposed of properly, according to 8world News.

Boy frames 39 quick test trays into works of art-2
In fact, all rapid test kits should be disposed of properly after use. Photo: NBC.

After being reminded, the Thai guy deleted the photo posted online, but no one knows if he threw away the other 39 test trays or not.

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