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Difference does not cause discord

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s visit to India failed to convince Prime Minister Narendra Modi to abandon his neutral stance and join the EU and the West in confronting Russia over the hostilities in Ukraine.

However, this difference of opinion did not prevent the two sides from making important new progress in the bilateral relationship.

Along with the great words used by both sides to highlight the special relationship and respect that one has for the other, India and EU agreement to establish the Chamber of Commerce and technology EU – India. So far, the EU has only established that cooperation mechanism and framework with the US and India has not yet reached an agreement with any other partners. The new scope, extent and quality of the EU-India relationship is reflected in it.

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European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

India is an increasingly important partner for the EU, especially in terms of implementing the strategy for the Indo-Pacific region that the EU launched not long ago. Also because the EU is a very important trading partner of India (3rd largest), the EU can take advantage of India to realize the benefits and goals set out for the Indo-Pacific region easily. easier than enlisting the remaining 3 members of the quartet is America, Japan and Australia.

Even if it does not succeed with the intention of dividing India from Russia, by fostering a strategic partnership with India, the EU can still obtain the most convenient gateway to access the large area of ​​the Indian Ocean. – Pacific and to strategic competition, even deal with China in this area. That is why the EU cannot let its differences of opinion regarding Russia become at odds with India.

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