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Do not criminalize economic relations, create conditions for businesses to overcome mistakes

Finance Minister Ho Duc Phuc said that on the afternoon of April 25, the Ministry of Finance also worked with relevant agencies such as the State Bank, the Ministry of Public Security and related agencies and affirmed recently. There are many false rumors that are not released by the authorities. These rumors caused the stock market to shake and drop. This is very unfortunate.

“We also put in place policies to protect the interests of investors, including investors or businesses that have made mistakes, and also create conditions to overcome mistakes to stabilize production and business, ensure the interests of shareholders as well as jobs for employees, thereby helping the business to develop again,” emphasized Mr. Ho Duc Phuc.

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“We consider the handling of violations to be individual and individual”

Minister Ho Duc Phuc said that the purpose of state agencies is to ensure the healthy development of the securities market, transparency, and protect the interests of investors, businesses and issuers. fair and transparent operation.

Following the direction of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Finance worked with relevant agencies such as the State Bank of Vietnam and the Ministry of Public Security to discuss solutions to stabilize the capital, financial and financial markets. stock market, contributing to the development of the economy. Thereby, we agreed that we would not criminalize economic relations and the recent events were a wake-up call for the market to return to stable operation, ensuring fair and healthy business on the world market. market.

Currently, the Ministry of Finance has introduced solutions to raise awareness about the law, especially the Law on Enterprises, the Law on Securities and other related regulations so that investors when participating in investment have the right to participate in investment activities. choose, consider and take responsibility for their investment. At the same time, issuers must strictly comply with the provisions of the law on issuance, avoiding price manipulation in the market. For auditing companies, they must ensure the most accurate and correct audit reports.

Auditing companies directly check the audit work of the issuers and also re-examine the auditing companies that have audited the businesses. If violations are found, the license will be withdrawn and independent audit units will be handled without responsibility for errors.

“We believe that the handling of violations is individual and individual, this is an action to protect the interests of investors and issuers. The Ministry of Finance will closely monitor the issuance process as well as the issuance process. such as transactions on the stock market. When detecting inadequacies and risks, payment will be organized, inspected and handled in accordance with the law”, the Finance Minister said.

Minister Ho Duc Phuc also said that activities on the stock market must follow the rules of the market, but must also comply with the provisions of the law. The law of the market is that it must be managed by the state, with the hands of the state, but the market cannot be allowed to develop freely. The stock market and economic activities must follow the objective laws of the market, but we also need to have solutions to prevent and prevent the opposites of the market rules, such as problems with the market. Issues deviating from the provisions of the law, acts of circumventing the law or taking advantage of the market to distort legal regulations must be handled seriously.

“The rise and fall of the market is due to the laws of the market, following the supply and demand of buyers and sellers. We need to create a level playing field for the market to operate transparently,” said the leader of the Ministry of Finance. will strictly follow the provisions of the law to prevent violations and handle violations. The Ministry of Finance will come up with solutions to prevent, that is, “pre-check – post-check” to protect the interests of investors and companies operating on the stock market in an equal, transparent and fair manner. has the most correct value. This is one of the objectives set by the Ministry of Finance to ensure the development of the stock market, serving the country’s socio-economic development.

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Prime Minister: Do not criminalize civil and economic relations, encourage legitimate enrichmentThe Prime Minister emphasized: Our Party and State consistently advocate “not criminalizing civil and economic relations” and always have policies to support and encourage businesses to get rich legitimately.
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