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Dramatic victory over Real Madrid, Man City holds the advantage in the Champions League semi-finals

The first semi-final pair of Champions League This season is a competition between the two top teams in the Premier League and La Liga. The representative of English football prevailed in the first leg when playing at home. However, the away team also had the response to create an attractive goal party for the fans.

Video: Man City 4-3 Real Madrid

Man City started like a dream with 2 goals after the first 2 shots. Kevin De Bruyne and Gabriel Jesus, in turn, made the Etihad stadium stands explode. The English team took a 2-0 lead when the match was just over 10 minutes old.

Coach Pep Guardiola’s students could have widened the gap in the first half when Real Madrid eagerness to respond. However, Man City did not take advantage of very favorable opportunities from counter-attacks, but their players had enough space and time to handle the ball in the position of facing the away goalkeeper.

Dramatically winning Real Madrid, Man City holds the advantage in the Champions League semi-finals - 1

Man City and Real Madrid create an attractive goal party.

For Real Madrid, in a difficult situation, hope is still lit by a familiar name. Karim Benzema only hit a single shot in the whole first half, but it was the goal that shortened the score of the Spanish team.

The difference of only one goal made the match continue to be attractive after the break between the two halves. Man City still holds the ball more, but the number of chances created by the two teams is the same. Man City launched 9 shots, 4 times on target. The corresponding numbers of Real Madrid are 6 and 3. The fans witnessed a spectacular chase for the score.

Man City continued to “preempt” the opponent when Real Madrid’s defense had not yet stabilized its position and revealed many loopholes. After two escapes thanks to the goalpost and a defender breaking the ball right in front of the goal line, Real Madrid still conceded a goal from Phil Foden’s close-range header.

However, the away team immediately responded. Vinicius led the ball from the midfield line to close to the goal and beat the Man City keeper with a narrow corner. Real Madrid’s second goal was scored just 2 minutes after the away team conceded.

The 2 goal difference was again established by the home team in the 74th minute with a goal from Bernardo Silva. But again, Real Madrid closed the gap. Benzema successfully completed the penalty to score the eighth (of the 9 goals scored by Real Madrid) in the knockout stages of this season’s Champions League.

Man City was cautious in the final minutes of the game to keep a fragile advantage. Real Madrid attacked but could not get the equalizer. However, the score 4-3 promises to be attractive and unpredictable in the second leg taking place at the Bernabeu. This is also one of the three semi-finals with the most goals in the tournament’s history.

Result: Man City 4-3 Real Madrid


Man City: De Bruyne (2′), Jesus (11′), Foden (53′), Silva (74′)

Real Madrid: Benzema (33′, 82′), Vinicius (55′)

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