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Eating a lot of rice can lead to diabetes? One operation when cooking rice causes loss of quality, reducing the good effect

Assoc.Prof.Dr.BS Nguyen Thi Lam

Only a small operation, but it loses a lot of good nutrients in rice

Before cooking rice, it seems that every family washes the rice to remove impurities or preservatives (if any) in the rice. Experts all say that washing rice is right, it should be done, but it needs to be done right, otherwise it will reduce the nutritional value of rice much.

PGS.TS.BS Nguyen Thi Lam (former Deputy Director of the National Institute of Nutrition) said that washing rice too thoroughly before cooking, washing rice until the water is clear before cooking rice is a mistake, causing many prices. Good nutritional value is lost.

According to PGS Lam, when cooked into rice, rice is the most frequent source of carbohydrates for the body. In addition to starch, rice also contains many good vitamins and minerals. Accordingly, in addition to B vitamins such as B1, B3, B6 and fiber, rice also contains vitamins E, iron and zinc.

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Washing rice thoroughly, washing until the water is clear to cook is a mistake, losing many nutrients good for health. (Illustration)

“Fiber and valuable vitamins, as well as minerals, are not located in the rice grain, but mainly on the outside of the rice grain. Therefore, if we wash the rice thoroughly until the water is clear, we will accidentally throw away a lot of valuable nutrients,” Assoc.

According to this expert, in the past, when milling machines were not invested much in technology, finished rice kept a lot of valuable nutrients. Today, when going to buy rice, most people choose white rice, which is polished to look beautiful, but this type of rice has much reduced cellulose content.

In addition, when washing rice too thoroughly, when eating rice, only powdered sugar remains, and the amount of vitamins and minerals is insignificant. Therefore, PGS Lam recommends that when washing rice, it is necessary to be gentle to remove impurities, should not wash rice too many times, should not choose carefully milled rice. It is best to cook rice with hot water to avoid nutritional loss.

Is rice the cause of diabetes?

Also related to the daily use of rice, there are many people who believe that eating a lot of rice will increase the risk of diabetes. TS.BS Nguyen Trong Hung – Deputy Head of the Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics (National Hospital of Endocrinology) said that this is a matter of great concern to many people, but we need to look at it objectively. , should not be attributed.

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Dr. Nguyen Trong Hung said that people should not think that eating a lot of rice causes diabetes.

According to Dr. Hung, in the past, people ate a lot of rice, about 3-4 bowls each meal, but why are people with diabetes less than now? That’s because at that time the physical activity was much, the energy consumption was good. And now, although the amount of starch we eat is less than before, we are inactive. Moreover, now we eat less rice, but the protein, fat, and simple sugars eat too much, thereby increasing the disease.

Therefore, Dr. Hung said that each person needs to review the way to eat every day is reasonable or not, but can’t blame it because eating a lot of rice should lead to diabetes. “The daily way of eating is not only rice, but also food, sugary drinks and physical activity. Even eating fruit every day is the same. As recommended, adults eat 200g of ripe fruit per day, but some people eat less rice and increase the number of ripe fruits because they think eating more fruit is good. However, eating too many ripe fruits is not good, it is also a source of simple sugar into the body, “Dr. Hung analyzed.

According to Dr. Hung, at the hospital, doctors do not advise diabetic patients to abstain from rice, but still have to eat rice every day. As for the average person, if you can’t afford to eat vermicelli, you should eat 4-5 bowls of rice a day is enough.

“We should not be afraid of rice, but depending on the needs and nature of each person’s work to decide how much to eat is enough. For example, people who only load 1,600kcal/day will eat 4 bowls of rice, but for people who are physically active and need to load 2,000kcal/day, they must eat 5 bowls,” Dr. Hung instructed.

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