Erik sings by the way… selling boiled corn on stage!

This male singer probably did not expect that “boiled corn” is about to become his official fanchant.

The online community is very excited about the fanchant that is unlike any other fan for Erik every time he performs in recent stages. Originating from a trend on TikTok, now the saying “boiled corn” is attached to the hit song Run Back To Cry With You of the male singer.

Recently, at a music event, when performing this song, Erik continued to be cheered by the audience with a strange but equally humorous fanchant. Even the hit owner Afterall He was also given a cotton tree by fans to dance with fans.

The clip of the audience continued to chant “boiled corn” to cheer Erik

In particular, since the saying “boiled corn” became viral, every time Erik performs the song Run Back To Cry With You The audience chanted in unison as a habit. Not only that, when performing at an event at the university, some fans even gave Erik “auth” boiled corn.

Erik sings by the way... selling boiled corn on stage!-1
The clip of the audience continued to chant “boiled corn”

Before this unique fanchant that became increasingly viral, many netizens couldn’t help but laugh because “boiled corn” has now become a brand associated with every time Erik appears. Many netizens also joked that they were about to forget the original version of this song because the “boiled corn” version was too popular on social networks.

Some netizens’ comments:

– Not to mention the vocals, but this boiled corn and Erik’s interaction with the fans are so cute and friendly!

– Of course there is a fanchant, I think Erik should also make boiled corn lightsticks for fans.

– Now seeing Erik is the boiled corn mantra resounding in my head, I’m about to forget the original song!

– I saw a fan giving real boiled corn, now it’s a teddy bear, it’s so messy but it’s fun!

– Erik had to accept the truth with his boiled corn fans, now I only remember the boiled corn version.

-Laughs dear, this fandom should change its name to corn barn

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