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Everyone uses Grab and everyone is tired of this feature?

Grab is one of the super applications with a huge number of users at the moment. With services like Grab Bike, Grab Car, Grab Food, delivery, grocery shopping… all receive many compliments from users.

However, there is a rather useless feature on Grab that is receiving a lot of criticism… which is free calls through the application.

With this feature, Grab drivers and customers can call each other directly through the Grab app for free, the commendable point of this feature is that the personal phone numbers of both parties will not display.

A useless feature on Grab that everyone is fed up with!  - Photo 1.

Do not show personal phone number when making free calls using the app

This feature is intended to enhance privacy and help secure phone number information of both parties better, minimizing annoying calls/texts when the ride has ended. But it is itself that is causing many Grab customers to complain because, in part, Call quality is not really good, there are many problems… Besides, just calling a few times without getting a free call will be transferred to a normal phone number.

That’s why many people think that this feature is not really necessary because it is the same feature that sometimes causes “trouble” for both users and drivers.

As a Grab user for many years, Ms. H shared about a time she forgot her wallet on a Grab car, but it took a lot of work and time to get it back. “Just because of calling through the app’s free call, I couldn’t contact the driver directly, but had to call the switchboard, wait for the switchboard to confirm with the driver before I can contact you. And time I waited a long time, it took me almost 1 day to get my wallet back.”

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After the call was too laggy, after only 4 seconds of calling, I had to switch to regular phone calls

This call was also reported by many users with errors such as not ringing, lagging, poor signal … and in the end, 10 times going to Grab, 7 times calling the phone number, so this feature is being used. frustrated many people. This means, everywhere you go, it’s not free and it’s not very secure!

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