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Expert “reading taste” Nadal, revealed the golden secret to dominate the clay court

(Sports News – Tennis News) According to expert Craig Boynton, Rafael Nadal possesses too many strengths to dominate the clay court.


Video of this year’s Indian Wells Masters final between Rafael Nadal and Tylor Fritz:

2022 will see Rafael Nadal have the best start to his career with a 20-match unbeaten streak, in addition to three titles at the Australian Open, Acapulco and Melbourne.

Although the series of sublimation matches stopped in the final of Indian Wells (losing to Taylor Fritz), “Gaur” can still establish many miracles when entering the forte clay season. Currently, he is aiming to break the record of 13 Roland Garros championships, as well as 21 Grand Slam titles held by himself.

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Nadal has too many strengths to dominate the clay court

On the “ATP Tennis Radio” radio program, expert Craig Boynton, the coach of world No. 14 men’s tennis player Hubert Hurkacz pointed out the key to the domination of the world. Nadal on the clay court. These revelations will help Hurkacz and many players if they want to overthrow “Gaur”.

“The short answer is: You have to be able to switch from defense to attack and vice versa. When playing, Nadal usually stands at the baseline (the horizontal line at the bottom of the court) hits the ball and quickly moves up. the area in the middle of the court to attack with a forehand. Don’t look at the ball, look at the position of the players on the court,” Craig Boynton explained.

Besides, according to Craig Boynton, fitness plays a very important role because Nadal’s style of play requires constant movement and is very laborious: “Basically, we have to look at Nadal’s health condition. Besides, he often hits a heavy forehand that sends the ball into the attack area, causes the opponent to fall back, then uses space and time to score.

If the opponent drops, Rafa or the clay experts will be happy to be able to take advantage of the opportunity to put the opponent on the defensive, or push them back before making a small miss.”


According to Do Anh (Synthesis) (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)

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