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For the first time with a battery for nearly 200km, the price is from 22 million

Today (April 26, 2022), VinFast officially introduced and launched 5 electric motorcycle models in Vietnam market with LFP battery production technology with a range of nearly 200km after each full charge.

Accordingly, 5 products using LFP batteries include: VinFast Evo 200, and Feliz S, Klara S (2022), Vento S and Theon S models upgraded from the previous generation.

Launching 5 VinFast electric motorbikes: For the first time with a battery of nearly 200km, priced from 22 million VND - Photo 1.

The most advanced VinFast Evo 200. KP’s photo.

Meanwhile, Feliz S is an upgraded version of the Feliz series, capable of traveling up to 198km after a full charge, a maximum speed of about 80km/h, an expanded trunk volume of up to 25L, VinFast Klara S 2022 uses LFP batteries for a travel distance of up to 194km after a full charge, the maximum speed reaches about 80km / h, the trunk volume is 22L.

In the high-end segment, VinFast Vento S and Theon S give a travel distance of about 160km and 150km respectively after a full charge, the maximum speed is about 90km/h and 100km/h, the trunk volume is respectively 25L for Vento S and 24L for Theon S.

PAAK (Phone As A Key) technology for easy one-touch vehicle control via the keyless phone App continues to be equipped on both these models. In particular, with an engine capacity of up to 7100kW, VinFast Theon S is capable of accelerating from 0-50km/h in just 4.9 seconds.

Accompanying VinFast’s new electric motorcycle models is a new generation 1000W charger with a full charge time of about 6 hours for 4 models of Feliz S, Klara S (2022), Vento S and Theon S. Particularly with Evo model 200, the included charger has a capacity of 400W, capable of fully charging the car battery in about 10 hours.

Launching 5 VinFast electric motorbikes: For the first time with a battery of nearly 200km, priced from 22 million VND - Photo 2.

VinFast electric motorbike launched in Vietnam. KP’s photo.

All 5 cars are equipped with smart car connectivity and control features via the VinFast Escooter application on the phone, with functions such as remote car search, anti-theft feature on / off, vehicle locating, automatic fault diagnosis and vehicle status display. These 5 new motorcycles will also be applied with battery subscription packages including: Fixed and flexible. In addition, customers can also buy a lifetime battery for 19.9 million VND/battery.

Thanks to software optimization through 4 main functions of Collecting, Controlling, Transmitting Information and Ensuring Safety, VinFast’s new LFP battery-powered electric motorcycles can reach the maximum travel distance after one ride. fully charged up to about 200km.

In the first 5 product lines using LFP batteries, Evo 200 is a completely new model of VinFast, to meet the needs of customers for an electric motorcycle with a stylish design and size suitable for urban areas. Evo 200 is equipped with an in-hub engine located at the rear wheel with a maximum speed of up to 70km/h and the ability to travel about 200km after a full charge, in operating conditions at a speed of 30km/h and a rider weighs 65kg.

The retail prices of 5 VinFast electric motorbikes are as follows:

Car modelRetail price (Vehicle with charger, battery not included)Fixed battery rental package (unlimited kilometers)Flexible battery rental package (Limited to 500km/month)Cost per additional kilometer monthly

VinFast Evo 200

22,000,000 VND350,000 won189,000 won374

VinFast Feloz WILL BE

29.900.000 VND

350,000 won

189,000 won


VinFast Klara S 2022

36,900,000 won

350,000 won

199,000 won429

VinFast Vento WILL

56,000,000 won

350,000 won

199,000 won429

VinFast Theon WILL


399,000 won

249,000 won480

VinFast started ordering new electric motorbikes from April 26 with a deposit fee of 2 million VND/car. Expected delivery time for Feliz S and Klara 2022 from May 2022 while Vento S and Theon S will reach customers from June 2022.

VinFast will announce the order policy for the Evo 200 model in August 2022. Le Hoang Long, Deputy General Director of electric motorbikes, the reason is that it is environmentally friendly and creates safety for people’s health. VinFast electric cars do not compete with electric cars, but compete with gasoline cars.

About LFP battery: LFP battery cell is the result of cooperation of VinFast with partner Gotion High-Tech. After 9 months of development, VinFast has completely mastered battery manufacturing technology, from market research, industrial design design, hardware production to battery management software (BMS) development.

LFP batteries researched and developed by VinFast and Gotion High-Tech have outstanding longevity, stability and safety. After more than 2,000 charges/discharges, the battery can still hold up to 70% of the energy and still ensure explosion-proof in all cases. In particular, LFP batteries do not contain rare metal components such as Cobalt, Nickel…, greatly reducing the impact on the environment.

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