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How to make Thu Ky look younger for a long time

Thu Ky prioritizes water supply for plump skin, breast massage, weekly exercise to help the body avoid aging.

Thu Ky turned 46 on April 16. At the age of forty, the actress was still praised by many people for being young, even though she realized she was getting older when she saw a couple of hairs hanging on the floor, washing her face and seeing that her skin seemed saggy. Shu Qi does not worry about age, nor does he think that he will change his age and go against the laws of nature. However, beautiful people keep healthy living habits to stay young and healthy both inside and out.

Beauty of Thu Ky at the age of 46. Photo: Elle

Thu Ky’s beauty at the age of 46. Photo: Elle

According to Elle, Shu Qi rarely wears makeup if it’s not necessary. “For healthy and beautiful skin, I always give my skin a rest, no makeup. I don’t like flashy makeup when I go out on the street, just a little blush, light pink lipstick is enough to feel naturally beautiful. most natural,” she said.

The actor takes care of his skin regularly every day, prioritizing cleansing and moisturizing. She has 30 types of masks, 50 creams and 12 specialized machines dedicated to facial care. When the work schedule is overloaded, she puts on a mask to replenish water and nutrients for the skin, and applies a nighttime recovery cream. To keep her skin firm and reduce sagging, she often uses collagen cream extracted from snake and snail venom. Famous for having attractive lips, Shu Qi often applies a sleeping mask to her lips every night.

Thu Ky took a photo for CR Fashion Book magazine

Thu Ky took a photo for CR Fashion Book magazine. Video: CR Fashion Book

According to Thu Ky, getting enough sleep is very important for healthy skin. She usually tries to sleep for eight hours a day or at least 5-6 hours. “Sleeping deeply and soundly helps my body relax and stay younger longer,” she said above Elle. In addition, she always eats in moderation and is healthy. Actors do not eat greasy, fast food, raw food, sweets, carbonated water and hot spicy food. She always tries to drink at least two liters of water a day, including two glasses of wheatgrass juice for breakfast and dinner. The beauty ate dinner early, about six hours before sleeping to protect the digestive system and avoid fat accumulation.

To keep fit, in addition to eating scientifically, Thu Ky exercises regularly every week. The actor likes to play badminton, sometimes posting practice photos on his personal page. Above Sina, she said: “I like to run, play badminton or relax with the spa to make the body more toned and agile”. Beauties also prioritize beauty round one. Every week, she massages her breasts 3-4 times.

Thu Ky always takes good care of her lips, keeping them plump and full of life.  Photo: CR Fashion Book

Thu Ky always takes good care of her lips, keeping them plump and full of life. Image: CR Fashion Book

Shu Qi, born in 1976 in Taiwan, into a poor family. She joined the entertainment industry at the age of 17 as a model, then acted in high school movies. The beauty successfully redirected, becoming the top Chinese-born star through a series like Three Times, Sacrifice of a man and a woman, If You Are The One, Thief Nie An Nuong… Aunt get married with actor Phung Duc Luan in 2016.


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