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Hua Chu fought with Ma Sieu for more than 200 rounds, only Cao Cao knew the result

In the Three Kingdoms, besides the intellectual battles between the three strongest corporations, Cao Wei, Shu Han and Dong Ngo, the one-on-one battles between the strongest martial arts generals at that time was probably the topic that attracted many people. .

One of the classic matches, even lasting hundreds of innings and still unable to determine victory or defeat, is the match between Hua Chu and Ma Sieu.

Xu Chu was nicknamed “the Hou Hou”, with his ability to fight fiercely, very good at fighting, famous for his extraordinary health, loyalty and devotion to Cao Cao.

Hua Chu beat Ma Sieu more than 200 rounds, only Cao Cao knew the result: The mistake of the general's household!  - Photo 1.

Hua Chu is a martial arts general with extraordinary health and good fighting skills. Photo: Sohu

Meanwhile, according to the Three Kingdoms, Ma Sieu was built with the image of one of the most beautiful martial arts generals in the Three Kingdoms, famous for his ability to shoot arrows, extremely brave with a quick attack that made the enemy to be scared.

Before joining Liu Bei’s group, Ma Chao once rebelled against Cao Cao. This mighty general once had the opportunity to fight with Hua Chu, the famous guard general of Cao Cao.

This match lasted up to 230 innings but still no winner. Accordingly, the match between Hua Chu and Ma Sieu took place on the banks of the Vi Thuy River. Before that, Cao Cao directly ordered the execution of Ma Teng (Ma Chao’s father) and the three clans of the Ma family in the capital.

After knowing the news, Ma Chao shook hands with Han Toai to raise an army against Cao together. Cao Cao knew Ma Sieu’s ability, so he was ready to personally lead the army. However, in the battle at Dong Quan, Ma Sieu directly defeated many of Cao Cao’s generals, even chasing him, causing this monarch to cut his beard and throw away his shirt to escape.

Cao Cao’s army was about to cross the Vishui River to block the retreat of the Western Liang army led by Ma Sieu, but unfortunately the Ma general saw this strategy. As a result, Cao Cao’s army suffered defeat because Ma Chao led the cavalry to ambush.

However, in the end, Cao Cao still successfully crossed the river. During this time, the two sides fought several inconclusive battles, but in general Ma Sieu still had the upper hand.

At that time, Cao Cao unified the vast North, it can be said that the force was much stronger than Ma Chao. But despite being stronger, Cao Cao was still chased so badly that he had to run away. This made Cao Cao not out of trouble.

Meanwhile, Hua Chu hears Cao Cao’s lament and feels that Cao Cao attaches too much importance to Ma Chao and underestimates himself. Therefore, this strong general volunteered to fight with Ma Sieu.

Cao Cao also wanted someone to vent his anger on his behalf, to teach Ma Sieu a lesson, so he agreed to let Hua Chu fight alone.

Ma Sieu was the commander of the Western Liang army at that time, while Hua Chu was just a bodyguard and general of Cao Cao’s household. Obviously, the ranks are not the same, so of course, this match is really not that simple.

Cao Cao’s great move to provoke generals

Hua Chu beat Ma Sieu for more than 200 rounds, only Cao Cao knew the result: The master's mistake!  - Photo 2.

Cao Cao’s general provocation certainly worked with Hua Chu. Photo: Sohu

After Ma Chao shouted loudly, “Hou Hou”, Cao Cao intentionally said a sentence to stimulate the fighting spirit before Xu Chu entered the battle. Cao Cao said: “Ma Sieu is not less than the bravery of Lu Bu in the past”.

Why did Cao Cao intentionally say that? This is indeed not an ordinary statement. Cao Cao is famous for his wisdom and multi-scheming. The above sentence deliberately refers to La Bo because in the past, Hua Chu had the opportunity to fight 20 rounds with Lu Bo, but then Cao Cao ordered 5 generals to rush to relieve the siege.

Therefore, Cao Cao didn’t finish his words, but Hua Chu immediately danced the sacrificial horse to run out to fight with Ma Sieu.

Hua Chu beat Ma Sieu more than 200 rounds, only Cao Cao knew the result: The mistake of the general's household!  - Photo 3.

Ma Sieu is the commander of the Tay Luong army, extremely skilled and brave. Photo: Sohu

The two sides fought more than 100 rounds without deciding victory or defeat, while the horses were exhausted. Therefore, the two had to return to change horses. After that, the two continued to fight for another 100 rounds, but the result was still not final. Seeing this, Hua Chu decided to play big when he directly took off both his armor and hat to carry the sacrificial horse to fight. This made both soldiers very afraid.

Hua Chu removed his armor, sacrificing his defense to increase his agility and speed when fighting. But it was clear that Hua Chu had miscalculated. Ma Sieu and Hua Chu fought another 30 rounds but still could not determine victory or defeat.

At that time, due to the loss of protective armor, Hua Chu was passive in defense. While Hua Chu raised his dagger towards Ma Chao’s head, Ma Sieu quickly dodged and stabbed a spear in the middle of the mighty Xu’s navel.

Therefore, Hua Chu quickly threw his knife and grabbed the spear. Fearing that Hua Chu would fall into a weak position, Cao Cao then ordered Cao Hong and Ha Hau Uyen to fight.

Seeing this, Bang Duc and Ma Dai on Ma Sieu’s side also rushed out to fight. The battle fell into chaos, Hua Chu was hit by two arrows, Cao’s army became confused, and suffered more than half of the damage when Ma Chao chased him to the riverbank. The single match between Hua Chu and Ma Sieu also ended without a clear winner.

Obviously, the two have fought up to 230 rounds, but there is still no conclusion who wins and who loses. Many people believe that, at first, Hua Chu had the upper hand when he took off his armor to fight Ma Sieu. This makes Cao Cao’s strong general move flexibly and have a stronger attack speed. Of course flexibility is very important in close combat. However, after that, Hua Chu still could not defeat Ma Sieu. In the end, who is the winner in this match?

In fact, only Cao Cao saw the final result of this classic match.

Cao Cao reveals the winner

Hua Chu beat Ma Sieu more than 200 rounds, only Cao Cao knew the result: The mistake of the general's household!  - Photo 4.

Cao Cao soon saw the result of the single match between Hua Chu and Ma Sieu. Photo: Sohu

Immediately after seeing Hua Chu drop the knife and grab Ma Chao’s spear, the two sides struggled, Cao Cao immediately ordered Ha Hau Uyen and Cao Hong to help fight. Why? If Hua Chu had the upper hand, why would Cao Cao send someone to help Hua Chu?

The single match between Hua Chu and Ma Sieu was a challenge from Cao Cao’s side. It was obviously a one-on-one match, but Cao Cao violated the rules of the match when he directly intervened and sent someone to help.

This is not the first time Cao Cao has used this method. Previously, in the Battle of Puyang, although Hua Chu and Lu Bu fought for more than 20 rounds, inconclusive, but thinking that one man could not defeat Lu Bu, Cao Cao sent 5 other generals to rush to fight. help beat.

With Cao Cao’s assessment, it is clear that Ma Chao is the winner in this long singles match. The fact that Cao Cao ordered two strong generals to help fight was evidence to reveal the weakness of Hua Chu at that time.

On the other hand, Ma Sieu and Hua Chu have different fighting spirit. Being encouraged by Cao Cao when he went to battle, Hua Chu could only win, not lose, because otherwise he would lose face. Moreover, because Hua Chu was only a bodyguard general, he could fight to the death, regardless of his life.

But Ma Sieu is different. At that time, Ma Sieu was the commander of the great Tay Luong army, so he could not fight to death like Hua Chu.

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