LG entered the Top 100 most favorite employers in Vietnam

The Covid-19 pandemic poses many great challenges for businesses, but also creates an impetus to adapt, promote innovation and build a sustainable development strategy. In addition to business development goals, human development is also a key strategy that businesses constantly invest in. According to CareerBuilder Vietnam’s “Most Favorite Employers in 2021” ranking, the Top 100 honored enterprises have shown innovative directions in human resource management and operation processes with remarkable effectiveness. .

Typically LG, with its human resource consolidation and recruitment models, adapts to today’s major market changes. LG aims to create a professional working environment, creating opportunities for employees to improve their capacity and promote their own strengths; In parallel with the assessment and reward of current human resources, it is necessary to maintain programs to attract new talent.

LG and its long-term strategy to develop internal human resources

Corporate culture plays an important role in determining employee engagement with the company. In addition to interesting cultural activities such as sports days, talent contests… LG also applies many methods to increase internal linkages, as well as create more opportunities for understanding and sharing. . For example, open dialogues between leaders and employees, home visits and monthly conversations with management help to bridge the gap between ranks and cultures (Vietnam – Korea). Especially in the period of facing the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, LG constantly stands by employees, ready to support necessary items (food, food, medical supplies, etc.) .), apply a policy to support wages and housing costs to help partly solve the difficulties of workers.

Besides basic policies, LG always aims to create more opportunities for employees to maximize their potential. On average, there are more than 200 annual courses organized by LG, attracting more than 10,000 participants, typically: On The Job Training, Six Sigma, 72 innovative ideas, Dream, Mindset, PLI… In addition, LG also organizes specialized skills training courses as well as soft skills training programs designed based on the actual needs of employees.

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LG always organizes seminars and teambuilding activities to improve leadership skills and develop thinking for all system management personnel from the workshop to the office.

Each individual working at LG is supported to build a career development roadmap, timely fueled to achieve the initial planned goals. In the past time, with the plan to expand production scale, many young leaders are trusted by LG to give promotion opportunities to challenge and develop their own strengths. In order to help employees maximize their talents in their new roles, LG Korea’s senior experts have come to Vietnam for intensive training in expertise, technology and professionalism.

LG and its strategy to attract new talent and maintain competitiveness

Attracting new human resources is one of the strategies to help LG maintain competitiveness. In order to access young and potential resources, LG always organizes annual scholarships for excellent students from top universities, especially in the field of engineering. Notably, the LG Track scholarship program creates opportunities for students to access training programs in Vietnam and Korea to improve technical skills, as well as develop necessary soft skills. In addition, to adapt to the current situation, LG also renewed the form of recruitment through digital solutions, which created a novelty, attracting tens of thousands of students at universities across the country.

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Joining LG’s staff creates conditions for young people to be challenged in a competitive environment, jobs that require creativity and new thinking; while providing skills development opportunities to global standards.

It can be seen that being named in the Top 100 most popular employers in Vietnam and the top in the electricity – electronics – refrigeration industry is a worthy recognition based on creative and innovative human development strategies. LG’s tight. Through its imprints in the field of business as well as human resource development, LG has shown that each employee’s contribution can create practical values ​​for the company, thereby continuing to bring more value to the company. quality products and services to customers.


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