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Many people are ready to quit their jobs if they have to go to the office

Around the world, after more than 2 years of occupations affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of workers looking for work: having time, a flexible and safe workplace is increasing.

Many people are used to working remotely. This reality is becoming a challenge, for many businesses, as the world economy reopens and companies begin to look for ways to bring employees back to the office full-time.

The raging COVID-19 epidemic has caused businesses around the world to switch to online work to ensure uninterrupted professional work and protect workers from the risk of disease.

Many people are willing to quit their jobs if they have to go to the office - Photo 1.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused businesses around the world to shift to online work. (Artwork – Photo: ABC News)

Up to now, when countries are returning to daily life, companies are also gradually increasing the number of direct workers and moving towards all employees returning to work at the office whether they like it or not.

“Since the pandemic, I am satisfied with working remotely. I can do many things at the same time, just need a laptop connected to the Internet, I can work anywhere. Convenient and effective more productive than working directly from the office,” shared Mr. Samie Dorgham, employee, AI Startup, London.

A survey conducted by survey firm ADP of 33,000 people worldwide found that two-thirds of respondents said they would consider looking for a new job if forced to return to office. unnecessarily full-time office.

In the survey results released on April 25, the number of people who feel their work field is safe is now 25%, down from 26% in a similar survey in 2021. Also over the same time period. This year, the number of people who think they will consider “jumping” a job increased from 15% to 23%, of which nearly 30% said they had started looking for a new job.

According to ADP, the reason for this change is because the COVID-19 pandemic has caused workers to rethink priorities and they are willing to quit if the employer does not meet their requirements.

The data collected from the US shows that the situation of workers “hopping” or the shortage of workers in businesses is at a high level, while companies are struggling to recruit and retain workers. .

Sheet Business Insider even grabbed the headline “GenZ will quit if he has to go back to work at the office”. The imbalance between the number of people looking for work and the number of workers who need to be recruited to fill the vacancies is causing wages to rise in some industries.

With the above survey results, it is likely that companies will have a shortage of labor force and finding a solution to this problem is indeed not easy.

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