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Mother passed away with no place to put the coffin and difficulties in life

Singer and actor Phuong Trinh Jolie just got on the bus with the actor Ly Binh. Her happy day was blessed by her family, colleagues and a large audience. On the big day, the 8x female artist many times shed tears when receiving everyone’s love.

Relatives and friends are also happy for her. After experiencing many ups and downs in life, Phuong Trinh Jolie has found her own happy shore.

Phuong Trinh Jolie: The mother died without a place to put the coffin and the difficulties in life - Photo 1.

Phuong Trinh Jolie is a multi-talented artist of the domestic entertainment industry.

Poverty past

Referring to Phuong Trinh Jolie, the public will remember a multi-talented female artist with a modern and energetic image. But few people know that she used to have a past with many sad memories.

Growing up in a poor and unhappy family, her parents divorced early, causing Phuong Trinh Jolie to lack the love of her father, and had to live with her biological aunt. After finishing all levels, she left her hometown to go to the city to look for opportunities for herself.

Having a passion for art since childhood, Phuong Trinh Jolie quietly practiced and enrolled in many singing competitions. After winning the first prize “An Giang Television Singing 2002”, “Ho Chi Minh City Television Singing Star 2006”, she began to sing professionally.

Phuong Trinh Jolie: Mother died without a place to put a coffin and difficulties in life - Photo 2.

She has shared many times about her difficult past.

During the period of unstable income, she lived with a cousin to reduce living expenses. When she returned to her hometown to get married, Phuong Trinh Jolie struggled to take care of her life alone. In her twenties, she met her biological mother again and learned she had terminal cancer.

A few days later, her mother passed away. Because the house is rented, the landlord does not have Phuong Trinh Jolie to place the coffin and do the funeral. Falling into irony, she had to bury her mother in the temple. Later, with more conditions, Phuong Trinh Jolie bought a piece of land in Binh Duong as a resting place for her mother.

With a haunting past, she takes that as a motivation to rise up and also often shares her story to hope that people will love and appreciate family affection more.

Struggling to follow your passion

After the loss of her mother, Phuong Trinh Jolie continued to maintain her passion for singing by joining a music group. Her boss promised many things, but this journey of hers encountered many more obstacles.

When the group disbanded and Phuong Trinh Jolie decided to cut the contract with the management company, the two sides had a noisy controversy in the media for a while. Financial pressure, career, Phuong Trinh Jolie once intended to go to the US to do nails, get married to reduce the burden.

But with a personality that doesn’t want to depend on anyone and still loves singing, she then stayed in Ho Chi Minh City and worked independently. The show was meager, but gradually Phuong Trinh Jolie fell in love with acting.

For about 10 years, she participated in many famous TV and movie projects such as: Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, Family is number 1, Teo em, Thousand-pound beauty… Since then, the audience has also been interested. and give her more love.

Private life secret

In the process of developing her career, Phuong Trinh Jolie only focused on her profession and rarely mentioned personal love affairs. For a time, she was caught up in rumors of having a child of her own, but Phuong Trinh Jolie refused to mention this to the media.

On the last wedding day, Phuong Trinh Jolie revealed for the first time her 9-year-old daughter, whose intimate name is Mia. Her most satisfying thing is that her current husband loves and takes care of her stepchild like her own child.

Phuong Trinh Jolie: The mother died without a place to put the coffin and the difficulties in life - Photo 4.

She was touched to reveal her stepchild at the wedding.

Her relationship with Mia’s paternal family is also very good when her paternal grandmother and relatives were also present at the wedding ceremony to bless Phuong Trinh Jolie and Ly Binh.

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