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Need a long-term, methodical connection between the university of pedagogy and the high school

Seminar “Pedagogical School accompanies high schools in developing teacher’s professional capacity to meet educational innovation requirements” at Hanoi bridge point. Photo: Thanh Tung – VNA

On the morning of April 27, the Management Board of the Development Program normal school To improve the capacity of teachers and general education institution administrators (ETEP) under the Ministry of Education and Training, the seminar “Pedagogical school accompanies high schools in capacity development”. teacher profession, meeting the requirements of educational innovation”.

Sharing at the seminar, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dung, Director of the ETEP Program Management Board said: The program develops pedagogical schools to improve the capacity of teachers and school administrators. general education has been operating for the past 4 years, with the participation of 7 Pedagogical Universities and the Academy of Educational Management, strongly influencing the professional development training activities of teachers and administrators. general education institutions in the country.

The program has trained 31,390 core general school teachers and key general education institution managers. This team, together with pedagogical lecturers and education management lecturers, supported nearly 725,000 general school teachers and general education institution administrators to complete core modules in continuing education to implementation of a new general education program.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dung emphasized: With the new training model, changing from focused training to self-study, regular and continuous self-improvement, at the locality, the school, with the support of the core team, the team key pedagogical lecturers of pedagogical universities and online learning systems, for the first time, pedagogical universities participate in teacher training activities systematically on a national scale. . The model has brought dual effects for the professional development of high school teachers, educational institution managers as well as enhancing the capacity of pedagogical trainers and educational administrators.

After 4 years of implementation, pedagogical universities have had positive development, from school governance issues; scientific research and creativity to the development of training programs associated with the renovation of general education; developing the capacity of the teaching staff, the pedagogical environment landscape, facilities, enhancing the application of information technology, supporting learners.

At the seminar, the exchange of opinions from pedagogical universities also said that supporting high school teachers should have a methodical and long-term connection between pedagogical universities and high schools. In other words, the university of pedagogy must regularly accompany the high school to develop teacher professional competence in order to successfully implement general education program new.

Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Van Hien, Vice President of Hanoi National University of Education said: Implementing the ETEP program has fundamentally changed the school’s activities in a positive direction, first of all, the in planning activities every year, 5 years and longer. Through the investment of the ETEP Program, the school’s information technology infrastructure has also been significantly upgraded. The school’s lecturers have the opportunity to exchange, learn and receive training in many aspects related to education and training, fostering teachers, contributing to the formation of a teaching staff with a basic understanding of innovation. general education program, contributing to solving the difficulties for high school teachers in the implementation of the 2018 General Education Program.

In order to maintain the achieved results and impacts of the ETEP Program, Hanoi National University of Education proposes the Ministry of Education and Training to issue unified documents to support teaching and educational activities. , the assessment and examination work in the direction of capacity development in a synchronous manner. At the same time, continue to promote the model of regular, continuous, on-site teacher training under the model of the ETEP Program; promulgate policies to continue attaching responsibilities of pedagogical schools to education and training departments in teacher training.

Professor, Dr. Le Anh Phuong, Rector of the University of Education – Hue University also suggested that the Ministry of Education and Training should have a framework to guide the implementation of the program flexibly, giving the initiative to the Departments of Education and Training. Education and Training depending on the actual situation of each locality.

On the part of the Departments of Education and Training, it is necessary to base on the guiding documents of the Ministry to develop reasonable mechanisms and policies, promote the activities and effective contributions of the core force of high school teachers in the field of education and training. the process of supporting mass teacher self-improvement.

In addition to fostering specific modules under the ETEP program, the Departments of Education and Training need to consult with high school teachers to receive specific training needs, thereby actively coordinating with schools. The University of Pedagogy develops and deploys training content suitable to the needs of teachers.

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