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New Zealand programming summer camp for kids

Join the free summer camp “New Zealand Future Skills 2022”, children can learn programming, practice English skills and develop teamwork.

After two summers when I was only at home because of the epidemic, Mr. Thanh Tung, a parent of an 8th grader in Ho Chi Minh City, “hoped that this summer he could experience and learn new skills, in the spirit of having fun, not having fun. pressure”. At the end of May, my baby will finish the 2nd semester exam. Currently, he is looking for summer programs to help him hone new skills as well as find a real passion to guide his future career. this. He thought about letting his children learn programming or information technology skills.

Meanwhile, Ms. Thuy Trang, a communications officer of a company in Cau Giay district, Hanoi has a clear direction: she wants to let her children experience programming courses to test their abilities and interests. Witnessing the influence of technology on work and life, especially, during the time of social distancing, Ms. Trang wishes to equip her children with information technology skills early. “I mean one, but you have to be able and like it,” Trang said. To inspire her children, she often talks with her children about the importance and advantages of 4.0 technology. However, she still has some doubts: “My baby just turned 6, so I don’t know if it’s early to send him to school, if it’s appropriate to register for a long-term course and where to register.” Trang shared.

In fact, in many developed countries, children have been learning computer science from a fairly early age. Living in a country that is among the top in the world in preparing skills for the future, students in New Zealand have been introduced to this field from the very beginning of primary school through two main contents: Computational Thinking and Designing and Developing Information Technology Applications (Designing and Developing Digital Outcoms). Accordingly, young students are equipped with knowledge and skills early in a subject that at first glance seems “difficult” and “dry” like computer science.

New Zealand children learn computer science from an early age.  Photo: PLEASE SOURCE

New Zealand children learn computer science from an early age. Image: ENZ

To prepare for the upcoming summer, Vietnamese parents who want to create conditions for their children to have a basic experience in Computer Science, but still bring a spirit of comfort, cooperation, and fun, can refer to the summer camp. “Skills for the New Zealand Future 2022”. This is a free program for Vietnamese students, organized by Education New Zealand (ENZ) and Code Avengers (one of the top 50 Edtech companies in Australia – New Zealand, providing a platform. online teaching computer science).

Mr. Ben Burrowes, ENZ’s Regional Director for Asia, said: “The New Zealand Future Skills Summer Camp 2022 is not only an academic playground, but also aims to inspire, raise awareness, Vietnamese students’ love for technology, as well as computer thinking and programming skills”.

An activity session at the programming summer camp organized by Code Avengers and ENZ at (PLEASE LOCATION AND TIME).  Photo: ENZ

An activity session of a programming summer camp in Japan. Image: Code Avengers

Participating students do not need to have prior programming knowledge, but will be guided by teachers from Code Avengers to experience new perspectives on computer science, creating their first programming product. self.
In addition, all participating students are given access and use of the Code Avengers platform to have the opportunity to explore various areas of computer technology such as Data Presentation, Programming (Programming), Computational Thinking, Digital systems, Algorithms…

To be eligible to participate, students from grades 6 to 10 across the country only need to have an English level of A2 KET (Key English Test) or higher, have good presentation skills in English, and understand Basics of computers and informatics. Applications should be submitted in teams (each team consists of 5 members, not necessarily the same age or grade), including personal information of the members and a short video (3 minutes), in which all 5 members The members present in English about their aspirations and reasons for participating in the program.

The organizers will accept applications from now until the end of May 4. Based on applications, 100 students (20 teams) will be selected to attend summer camps in Vietnam. Teams will be divided into 5 Camps (4 teams each) at venues in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi from May 21 to June 18, in order to ensure safety standards for epidemic prevention. The best team will represent Vietnam to attend the New Zealand – Asia International Summer Camp online, on June 25 and July 2.

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Students register in groups of 5 members by May 4 by completing an application here
Find out more specific information about the rules of participation and the program “New Zealand Future Skills Summer Camp 2022” here
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