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Olympic Schooling Champion Returns

Joseph Schooling is considered to have retired when performing his military service in Singapore from January 3, but recently he decided to return to play and won a place in the tournament. SEA Games 31 with ASIAD in September.

The peak career of the top swimmer world Singaporean, Joseph Schooling, who will turn 27 this coming June, has plummeted in 2021 when he failed at the Tokyo Olympicswas soon eliminated in the qualifying round of the 100 m butterfly swimming event.

This is the content of this fisherman who won gold at the 2016 Olympics when he defeated the legendary Michael Phelps (USA), and also set an Olympic, Asian record and still holds to this day with a time of 50.39 seconds. Because of this failure, Joseph Schooling was first punished Singapore fans ridicule, along with the shock of his father passing away at the age of 73 in November 2021 after a period of cancer treatment, made this fisherman almost collapse and lose all motivation. In early 2022, Schooling decided to perform his military service and consider retiring from his career sport.

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Schooling won Olympic gold in 2016


However, even in the army, Schooling was still allowed to go out to practice swimming twice in one day before regrouping back to the army barracks. In addition, this fisherman is also allowed to practice during the weekend, with the encouragement of his mother, Mrs. May, who wants him to continue his career for the sake of his late father. As a result, in March, Joseph Schooling returned to compete in the Singapore Age Group Swimming Championships (SNAG) and achieved 23.78 seconds in the 50 m event and 52.09 seconds in the event. 100 m butterfly forte. This achievement is slightly improved compared to the Tokyo Olympics, helping Singapore’s one-time super fisherman, who won 27 gold medals through 5 SEA Games, has a place to go to Hanoi to compete at SEA Games 31 and ASIAD in September.

Speaking to the Singapore press, Joseph Schooling said: “Before attending SNAG, I seriously considered the decision to retire and then reconsidered. I think I still have a lot of work ahead of me, and the SEA Games have always been a very important Games in the region. In the past, I have once or twice expressed contempt for this arena. Of course, the Olympics was always the pinnacle, but then gradually I realized sea ​​Games something very close to home. Each attendance always brings experiences and opportunities for you to step up. More specifically, I have never been to Vietnam before, so it will be great when I come to Hanoi soon to attend the 31st SEA Games.”

At the 31st SEA Games, Joseph Schooling revealed that he will compete in 4 events, including of course the content of the 100m butterfly swimming. In SEA Games 2019 In the Philippines, this swimmer won 4 gold and 2 silver.

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