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Phuong Trinh Jolie, Bao Thy…

On the big day, Vietnamese stars often receive many blessings from relatives, friends and the audience. In addition to the guests, the wedding space … the public is also curious about the dowry and the wedding ceremony of the Vietnamese beauties on the day of getting on the flower car. Many Vietnamese star couples have stunned colleagues and the audience when showing off their dowry with a “terrible” value.

Phuong Trinh Jolie

Recently, the wedding of Phuong Trinh Jolie and Ly Binh was held magnificently in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. The remarkable detail is the dowry and betrothal that the bride – groom received on the happy day, including: a diamond ring worth more than 2 billion VND, 88 gold trees and many other jewelry items.


Phuong Trinh Jolie was given a gold and diamond tray at the wedding. (Photo: FBNV)

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Phuong Trinh Jolie – Ly Binh are happy together on a happy day. (Photo: FBNV)

The image of Phuong Trinh Jolie – Ly Binh wearing heavy gold on her neck made the public stir. It can be said that Phuong Trinh Jolie is one of the beauties who received the most “terrible” wedding gifts in Vietnamese showbiz. When asked about the purpose of using the gold received on a happy day, Phuong Trinh Jolie said that she will use wedding gifts for investment and business: “The amount of gold my mother-in-law gave me corresponds to the last two numbers. My birth year is 1988. For me, this is a lucky number. My wife and I will use the wealth given to me by my mother for business.”

Dong Nhi

In November 2019, Dong Nhi – Ong Cao Thang held the wedding of the century after 10 years of dating. The wedding of the golden couple of the Vietnamese entertainment industry made people “stand still” because of the grandeur and the guests were all famous artists. It is known that the amount of money spent on the wedding of the century of Dong Nhi – Ong Cao Thang amounted to more than 10 billion VND.


Dong Nhi wears gold bracelets, gold rings and rings that make fans admire. (Photo: FBNV)


Close-up of the gift that Dong Nhi received on the day of the wedding.

Besides, Dong Nhi dazzled many people with wedding gifts of gold and diamonds. At the wedding, Dong Nhi was given three gold necklaces, gold bracelets, three gold rings and a diamond ring worth billions of dong.

Runner-up Thuy An

In early 2021, runner-up Thuy An officially got on a flower car with her husband, doctor. It is known that the husband of the beauty was born into a well-to-do family in Kien Giang, having lived and worked in the UK for 12 years. When seeing the image of runner-up Thuy An on a happy day, many women want to share the “burden” to help the queen. Because, the beautiful woman wears heavy gold on her neck, wears a gold ring, and is full of gold bracelets.


Thuy An wore heavy gold at the wedding. (Photo: FBNV)


Close-up of wedding gifts that Thuy An and her husband received from their family. (Photo: FBNV)

Vo Ha Tram

In early 2019, Vo Ha Tram held a wedding with her Indian husband at her home in Tan Binh District (HCMC). On the flower car, the singer took advantage of the love photo with her husband, cleverly showing off the wedding gifts of “terrible” value that she received, including: 1 pair of gold earrings, gold brooch, 2 gold bracelets, 1 gold necklace , 3 gold bracelets, 15 gold rings, 1 diamond ring, 1 wedding ring.


Vo Ha Tram received a lot of great value weddings on a happy day. (Photo: FBNV)

Lam Khanh Chi

At the end of 2017, Lam Khanh Chi and Phi Hung officially returned to the same house. During the wedding procession, in addition to betel nut, confectionery, tea, wine, etc., the groom’s family also prepares a tray containing 6 gold bracelets, 3 bracelets, earrings and wedding rings. The singer was given 6 gold bracelets, a gold chain, 3 bracelets and diamond earrings by her mother-in-law.


Lam Khanh Chi and Phi Hung were radiant on the day they returned to the same house. Currently, the couple has “go their separate ways”. (Photo: FBNV)

Bao Thy

At the end of 2019, Bao Thy boarded a flower car with businessman Phan Linh. Although the wedding took place quite discreetly with guests all being family and close friends of the bride and groom, the couple’s photos were still widely shared online. Bao Thy was born in a rich family, her husband is a successful businessman, so the public is very curious about the dowry and betrothal that the couple received on a happy day.


Bao Thy could not hide her tears of happiness on a happy day. (Photo: FC Bao Thy)

Although he did not publicize the amount of gold and diamonds received on the big day, Bao Thy made fans “envy” wearing many valuable jewelry “terrible” including: 2 gold bracelets, 1 stone ring, 3 bracelets , 3 diamond rings, 5 gold rings and 1 pair of gem earrings…

Ho Bich Tram

Reminding Vietnamese beauties to receive a “big” dowry on the wedding day, actor Ho Bich Tram cannot be ignored. In May 2021, she and her husband held a wedding in Quang Ngai. Despite being affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, Ho Bich Tram still received a lot of wedding gifts made of gold jewelry.


Ho Bich Tram beamed when receiving many precious jewelry from family and friends on a happy day. (Photo: FBNV)

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