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Picasso’s nude paintings cost more than 4 million euros

ParisPicasso’s “Nus masculins” painting three nude men sold for more than four million euros (about 101 billion VND).

The price is fixed in the session Art Impressionnist et Moderne Evening Auction evening of April 23 (local time), double Sotheby’s estimate. The work was born in October 1942, signed by the artist in the left corner.

Painting depicting three men in a studio. A young man is sitting blowing a trumpet on the windowsill, a man standing with a mask, staring into space, and an elderly man sleeping on a towel on the floor. There is also an easel, vase and statue in the room.

Oil painting on board Nus masculins, size 53.8 x 64.8 cm.  Photo: Sothebys

Oil painting on board “Nus masculins”, size 53.8 x 64.8 cm. Image: Sotheby’s

According to Sotheby’sin Nus maleins (Les trois ages de l’homme), the author uses very little color to express the stagnation atmosphere, but also tinged with hedonism. Some details evoke the classic atmosphere of Arcadia: the boy playing the trumpet, the mask reminiscent of Commedia dell’arte – Italian comedy, the man standing like an antique statue, the old man like a version of the god of wine Dionysus.

Coil The Ultimate Picasso Recorded amidst the ravages of war, Picasso delves into his own aesthetic, evoking an attachment to tradition. The painting of three men embodies three different eras. The boy playing the trumpet is probably an echo from the work La Flete de Pa (1923) of the famous painter. On the left is a bearded man, holding a mask similar to a painting in Juan-les-Pins (France) on April 23, 1936. In the foreground, a man sleeping on the floor is inspired by the works of 1953-1954. The statue on the right resembles the painting dated August 4, 1931.

During World War II, when most of the artist’s friends had gone into exile, Picasso chose to stay in Paris. He isolated himself in his studio on the Rue des Grands-Augustins. This place becomes the entire world of the artist.

In the studio’s self-contained space, Picasso finds inspiration from the masters of the past: Spanish Golden Age work of still life and Italian Renaissance artists Giorgione and Tiziano Vecelli . Following in their footsteps, Picasso explores the themes and symbolism of life stages. Abandoning the use of landscape as a background to depict the cycle of life, Picasso chose a contemporary setting in the studio.

With stunning graphics and classy colors, Nus masculins is a metaphorical work. Here, in the face of the horrors of war, the breakdown of European civilization, Picasso affirms his belief in the power of art as a means of overcoming tragedy.

Picasso wearing a mask at Cannes in 1959. Photo: Edwardquinn

Picasso wearing a mask in Cannes 1959. Photo: Edwardquinn

Pablo Picasso (1881 – 1973) was a Spanish painter and sculptor. He is one of the most famous artists of the 20th century. Picasso is famous for works such as: The Girls of Avignon, Portrait of Aunt Pepa… Some of his paintings are on the list of the most expensive works of art in the world, such as Nude on a black armchair, Les Noces de Pierrette, Garçon à la pipe…2004, painting Garcon à la pipe sold for $104 million at Sotheby’s, setting a world record at the time for the price of a work of art.

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